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Speed, Agility and Reaction Time for Kids
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Speed, Agility and Reaction Time are extremely important if you want to enhance athleticism and develop in any sport. If you get involved in Sport you are likely to be fitter and healthier with more energy to ENJOY LIFE more and get a wider circle of friends.

Below we have listed just a few of the many benefits you can expect from regularly exercising:

  • You are more likely to stay healthy and have a positive outlook on life
  • You can improve your self-image and confidence
  • You are likely to have more friends since sport is often a team game
  • You are less likely to develop illnesses as you get older
  • You will probably sleep better

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"Baseball Reaction" game ages 6 - 10

"Baseball Reaction" game

See if you can hit the baseball out of the ground! You'll need a reaction time of about 0.25 seconds to do it! Anything longer and it is a miss! Read the instructions on how to play first before trying to understand the....Read More


"Dot Time" game ages 7 - 16

"Dot Time" game

In this game, see how many dots you can hit in the allocated time! There is a matrix of 60 dots (10 columns and 6 rows) and the aim is to watch the random dot that appears in the matrix and click on it! You get 1 point if you click on the correct dot and you lose a point if you click on he wrong....Read More


"Rektagon Reaction Game" ages 9 - 16

"Rektagon Reaction Game"

Test your reactions! Don't get smashed on the head and be a turkey! Be careful, the walls are closing in on you quickly and you must make for the safety of the gaps. See how many turns you can consecutively avoid being crushed. Your reputation....Read More


"Reaction Game" ages 9 - 16

"Reaction Game"

Such a simple game but highly addictive. Move the box so it doesn't get hit or touch the sides. How long can you last for? Lasting for anything longer than eighteen seconds is great without one of the four shapes smashing into you or you inadvertently....Read More


"Reaction Time" game ages 9 - 16

"Reaction Time" game

Check out this video of top American sports stars (e.g. Chad Johnson and Jason Kapono) testing their reaction times. They are playing catch against the crazy ball launchers which launch two tennis balls simultaneously at them at speeds of 44mph, cool!....Read More


"The Ultimate Douchebag Workout" game ages 13 - 16

"The Ultimate Douchebag Workout" game

Get some muscles, go for a haircut and test your reflexes in this cool game that starts with a skinny boy. You have to make him up to be a muscular powerhouse by doing the right exercises and eating the right foods. Don't try anything....Read More