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Aerobic Exercises for Children
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If you want to be much fitter and enjoy yourself too, then you've definitely arrived at great place. Have fun and get fit at the same time. How cool is that? If you think this article is going to tell you to do a million 'jumping jacks' you'd be wrong! If you are genuinely having fun while doing exercise, that is by far and away the best way to get fit because won't even notice.

There are loads of advantages to being fit. These are some likely benefits:

  • You will do better at school and in sports
  • You will probably maintain a healthy weight now and in the future
  • You will feel happier and more energised!
  • Stronger heart and lungs
  • Less chance of health issues in adulthood
  • Improved self esteem and confidence
  • You will sleep better

Sports and Fitness Clubs

If you decide you want to join a club or get into a sport then we would wholeheartedly recommend it. You'll meet loads of new friends and no doubt get pretty good at a particular activity which will boost your confidence no end.

Most sports have a significant aerobic element so just go for something you'll enjoy, you think you may be good at and that you are likely to stick with longer term.


We have selected a number of fun exercises and activities for you to try. It's best to involve a trusted adult at first to get you started. Remember children are advised to get an hour's exercise in every day. Our recommendation is to vary the activities so you don't get bored. But by all means, if you get really good at something, stick at in and get even better!


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"Fitness Art" worksheets ages 6 - 10

"Fitness Art" worksheets

Paint the fitness pictures with the computer paintbrushes then print out your artwork! Pictures feature the taglines 'Be Strong', 'Keep Fit', 'Be Clean' and 'Eat Healthy'. The palette has 16 colours. You can paint all of the various parts of the pictures. Print them....Read More


"Dance maker" activity ages 7 - 11

"Dance maker" activity

Create your own online dance move pattern, put it on the desired speed and follow the robot! First choose your dance ('Hip Hugger', 'Martian Leap', 'Rock Topper', 'Bungee Bop', 'Minimachine', 'Supa Sneaka', 'Going Supernova', 'Tinker ToT', 'Scoops' or 'Millennial Grooves'). Then choose the music, volume and....Read More


"Gym Workout" videos ages 7 - 10

"Gym Workout" videos

Click on the "Freddy Fit" picture and watch the movie on each activity ('Hula', 'Skipping', 'Jump Mat' and 'Wobble Board'). For each activity, as well as the video, there is useful background information and some....Read More


"Fitness Activities" ages 7 - 12

"Fitness Activities"

This resource has some great ideas for real games kids can play! There are some imaginatively named activities too , such as - 'Counting Jumps', 'Crazy Legs', 'Crossing the Stream', 'Darumasan Ga Coronda', 'Death Leaps', 'Duck, Duck, Goose', 'Elbow Tag', 'Freeze Tag', 'Ghost in the Graveyard', 'Hoopers', 'Huckle Buckle Beanstalk', 'Kick....Read More


"The Park" activities ages 7 - 10

"The Park" activities

Checkout the park and see what activities are going on and the benefits of each. Remember to press your space bar and drag the scene around! Each activity has a number of hints and tips including the benefits of each particluar activity. Activities include 'cycling', 'walking', 'rock-it-ball', 'jogging', 'climbing', 'bouncing', 'Kiting',....Read More


"Bounce" game ages 7 - 10

"Bounce" game

In this 'Bouncing' game, see how far you can get on the space hopper. Why not buy one in real life and have a go on in your garden following the safety tips! Hold down the space bar for a small time when the space hopper hits the floor to squish it and build height. Bouncing forwards using the space bar and right arrow key is a fine art....Read More


"Basketball "game ages 7 - 10

"Basketball "game

Can you beat the coach who scored 25 baskets in 120 seconds? Follow the instructions and just using the spacebar, see if you can shoot some hoops. Click 'OK' to begin. Then....Read More


"Super Skater Turbo" game ages 7 - 10

"Super Skater Turbo" game

In this skating game, first read the instructions at the bottom of the screen to learn how to steer and how to avoid the obstacles in your path! Remember, you can also perform jumps too. See how many stars you....Read More


"Super Frisbee Thrower 3000" game ages 7 - 10

"Super Frisbee Thrower 3000" game

First read the instructions on how to play this frisbee game in the caption at the bottom. See how many balloons you can pop in one minute by firing frisbees at them! Aim slightly above the balloons with your mouse....Read More


"Get Fit Stay Healthy Posters" ages 7 - 11

"Get Fit Stay Healthy Posters"

In this resource, there are some great posters to print out which get the message across about keeping fit and staying healthy. These include 'The Food Pyramid', 'Keep your Teeth Clean', 'Keep your Body clean', '1 hour of exercise', 'Once a week treat', 'Your muscles', 'Play to get fit', 'Your body', 'At least....Read More


"Rock-It Ball" game ages 7 - 11

"Rock-It Ball" game

Learn how to play Rock-It-Ball, apparently the UK's fastest growing game. This is the computer game version which is great fun but you can play it in the park with your friends too or at school. Click on 'instructions' first to get an idea of how to play. The main aim is to aim and fire using your mouse at the red....Read More


"25 Indoor Exercise Activities" ages 7 - 10

"25 Indoor Exercise Activities"

These are exercises you can do while in the house! There are exercises with great sounding names too which are definitely worth a try such as - 'Carnival', 'Clean-Up Race', 'Dance Party', 'Follow the Leader', 'Freeze Dance', 'Hallway Bowling', 'Headstands', 'Hopscotch ', 'Jump Rope',....Read More


"Classic aerobic demo exercise" videos ages 7 - 12

"Classic aerobic demo exercise" videos

These videos by Cross Fit Kids include exercises like "Burpees", "Side to Side Jumps", "Agility Ladder", "Hopping Drills" and "Broad Jumps". For example, the side to side jumps show a standard side to side jump without a double bounce and then the double bounce....Read More


"The Fun Generator" activities ages 8 - 13

"The Fun Generator" activities

This is an excellent website by the UK Health Service! Just choose the number of players, whether you want to play indoors or outdoors and click on "GO"! The 'Fun Generator' then comes up with a huge amount of fun activities to get you moving. There are....Read More


"Fitness Activities" ages 8 - 13

"Fitness Activities"

Follow the instructions and see if you can do the 10 fitness exercise challenges! What time will you get? You do the exercises near your computer and are given 10 different ones. Press 'Q' when you've completed a set then you are given the next....Read More