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Strength Exercises for Children
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If you're looking to get stronger and have fun at the same time, then you've come to the right place!

There are countless health benefits of getting stronger:

  • Improved confidence and self esteem
  • Stronger bones
  • Better able to protect yourself

Below is a list of possible strength exercises you could try. Some are fun and some are more classic exercises. Always get an adult or carer to help you get started. You must have proper form when doing these or you could easily injure yourself.

  • You shouldn't try to do this every day. A couple of times a week or on alternate days at most is easily enough. Always have a rest day after doing strength exercises. Don't keep working the same parts of the body, try and work equally on legs, back, shoulders and arms and chest so that the body remains in proportion.
  • Bar Hanging: See how long you can hang from a bar without dropping to the ground.
  • Crawling: Make an obstacle course and crawl through it!
  • Stomach Strengthening: Whenever you read or watch TV, consider doing it lying on your stomach. This increases you core muscle strength.
  • Monkey Bars : Get down to the playground and see how many times you can go across from one side to the other
  • Balloon (or Ball) Feet : Sit on your bottom / butt and keep a balloon in the air with your feet only but you must not allow the balloon or your feet to touch the ground.

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"Wheelbarrow races" video ages 6 - 10

"Wheelbarrow races" video

Watch this video and get some friends over and have a good laugh! See how you do when you do the wheelbarrow race! Don't try and go too fast or you'll fall! And make sure you do it on....Read More


"Crab Walk for children" video ages 6 - 10

"Crab Walk for children" video

Watch the video then why not gather together some friends and have some fun crab walking races? To see how it's done, refer to this video. To crab walk, sit on the floor with your hands touching the floor and you knees bent upwards. Lift yourself up and 'walk' backwards or....Read More


"Squats - Classic strength exercise" video ages 9 - 16

"Squats - Classic strength exercise" video

Watch this video and you will see how squats work your leg muscles. Squat down to a 'sitting position' with your feet slightly wider than a shoulders' width apart and with your back straight try to get up again. For an example of....Read More


"Push Ups - Classic strength exercise" video ages 9 - 16

"Push Ups - Classic strength exercise" video

Do do push ups, lie face down on the floor and place your hands outside your shoulders. Push yourself up with your arms and keep your legs, back and head in a straight line. Then bend the elbows and return to the....Read More


"Pull ups - Classic strength exercise" video ages 10 - 16

"Pull ups -  Classic strength exercise" video

Watch this video to show you how to do pull ups. Hold the bar a shoulder's width apart and try at first with your palms facing you. Drop down slowly a small distance then lift up again so your head / chin is above the bar then repeat. The lower down you go, the more strength you will need to pull yourself up. At first don't go down very....Read More