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Flexibility Exercises for Children
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A key part of being fit is being flexible. Top sports stars work hard on their flexibility and even though children are naturally flexible, there's no reason why you can't improve.

Certain sports inherently improve flexibility (Gymnastics, Skating/Ice skating, Swimming, Dancing, Diving , Tennis and Mixed martial arts) but if you don't do these then you should consider a few flexibility exercises yourself.

Get an adult to supervise initially and make sure you are keeping your body in a good posture so you don't injure yourself.

Flexibility Exercises You Could Try!

Dancing is brilliant for flexibility so put on your fave tunes and dance away!

Circuit training : you could setup say 10-12 exercise stations and write down on card what to do at each station (e.g. touch toes 10 times, throw a ball in the air high and catch 10 times etc.). Then spend 1 minute at each station and move round.

You could design your own fun floor stretching game on cardboard and colour it in. Draw different shapes on it. The game needs someone to say, for example "put your left hand in the diamond and right knee in the circle" Or you could shop around for a classic mat like the 'Twister' game.

For younger kids, pretend to be any animal. Roam around and roar like a lion. Or hop like a kangaroo. Choose the animal by taking it in turns.

Play 'Follow my leader' or 'Simon Says' and take it in turn to call out a stretch or flexibility exercise. Hold it for 20 seconds.

If there is a group of you, get some people to form a body obstacle course and crawl through legs etc.


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