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Fitness in Schools for Children
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If you don't get as much exercise in school as you would like then you are not alone.

Many countries have decreased the number of physical education (PE) lessons over the years and schools are typically not held to account over a lack of opportunity in this area for children.

What can you do to get involved in school fitness activities? Ask your parent / carer to talk to the school to see if there any opportunities for more exercise. Maybe there are after school activities you could get involved in that you were not aware of.

Consider exercising at break times / lunch time. Extra small amounts of a daily basis e.g. 20 minutes , can make a big difference to your health and fitness levels.

If you are due to move school, ask your carers if sports opportunities can be taken into account in the decision making process.

Ask your carer if you can cycle to school, if it is relatively safe to do so.

Realise that nowadays you CANNOT rely on schools to get you fit. If fitness is important to you then you must take the initiative yourself, Schools will help if you push hard enough, but never expect them to push you. It would be nice at times, but this is not the reality.


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