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Exergaming is playing video games that also give you exercise (an example is the Nintendo Wii). The important thing to understand is this exercise is NOT as good as playing real sports but it is better than watching TV (obviously) in terms of burning calories.

If you really want an Exergame to truly help you get fit then you must look at higher intensity games such as Wii Boxing (on Wii Sports) or EA Sports Active or Dance Mat type games. Ask your parents or carers to advise.

The bottom line is, having fun and burning calories is good. But make sure you do not spend too much time doing that when you could be outside playing real sport or activities (real tennis is better than Wii Tennis).

Try and go for the more energetic games wherever possible and go for it! Try out the games first if you can to see if you would like it. Try and involve your parents or carers and see if you can beat them.


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