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Health Overview for Kids
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Health and Fitness go hand in hand. One way of describing a healthy child is one with "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being." In other words, to be truly healthy you need to be physically and mentally fit and fit in socially. This is Health in its broadest terms.

Physical Fitness

Staying physically strong and fit has major benefits when you are growing and developing. Life will be more fun and you'll probably end up with a large number of friends if you get involved in a sport. Fitter kids are healthier kids. Also your mood and attitude to life will probably be better since exercise is a great de-stresser. The chances of ill health will diminish too (less chance of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart or lung issues).

If you find the idea of exercise not for you, we'd strongly encourage you to look really hard for something you will find fun. Maybe try walking with friends, skateboarding, playing football, running, dancing, windsurfing, swimming or just playing tag with your brother or sister. As a bonus, try 'exergaming' (playing tennis on the Wii) which is far more fun than sitting down just watching TV.

Healthy Fuel for Your Body

If you add a healthy dose of good nutrition (minimise high fat and sugary foods and drinks, maximise fruit and veg, milk, lean meats and low GI carbohydrates) and hydration (water!) with plenty of sleep then that will also make a big difference to your health. Your BMI is much more likely to tend towards the healthy range too.

Mental Fitness

To be mentally fit means to have a good level of mental abilities such as: inner confidence and self esteem, ability to cope with stress, positive mental attitude, having an empathy to other people and having honesty and integrity. One of the best ways to get this is to get physically fit. See all of the advantages above, but in general physically active and fit people with healthy weights have a generally high level of self esteem, a wide circle of friends and an outlet for life's stresses.

Another way is to get even better at things you show an aptitude for. If this is writing, public speaking, reading, maths or even golf, then being really good at something (better than most people) is a great way to build your own inner confidence.

It also helps to be mentally alert by doing puzzles or playing problem solving games as well as studying for your school work.

Social Skills

To have social confidence, you first need inner confidence. See our tips above!

Just playing and getting on with friends without falling out all the time will build great social skills. The key to having lots of friends is to compromise, be honest and fair. Don't expect to get your own way all the time. If you are helpful to others, people will naturally help back. If they don't then maybe they are not the best people to be around. Try and be around friends who are nice people, this will help your social skills no end.

Play our fun games and activities related to getting healthy and learn about health at the same time!


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"Pirates of the Carrot and Bean" Video ages 3 - 5

"Pirates of the Carrot and Bean" Video

Watch this entertaining and fun for young kids video teaching you the benefits of eating fiber. It is presented by some wonderful fluffy pirate animals. Cool! Veggies mentioned include....Read More


"Big E's Grossest Hits" activity ages 6 - 8

"Big E's Grossest Hits" activity

Zap E-Coli by matching 6 pairs of pictures (click on the bubbles). Each pair has an E-Coli bacteria theme. Send Big-E packing back to Grossland so that his horrible....Read More


"Where are Bac and SalMonella" activity ages 6 - 8

"Where are Bac and SalMonella" activity

In this activity, you need to click on the different parts of the hand to see if you can find Bac and Sal. They could be hiding anywhere! Click on either the wrist, finger, fingernails, thumb and palm. When we tried it, we got the feeling this game is fixed we....Read More


"Who's Got Bac's Back?" activity ages 6 - 8

"Who's Got Bac's Back?" activity

In this activity, you need to watch the puzzle pieces to reveal the name of the villain in disguise. Drag the clothes and body parts onto the silhouette and each time you do, there is a letter....Read More


"Adventurehand" activity ages 6 - 8

"Adventurehand" activity

In this activity, you need to guide Squeaks and PT through the maze back to the Scrub Club. Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to guide the two friends back home! Don't get caught up in any dead-ends though. Keep the....Read More


"Sugar Sugar" Game ages 7 - 18

"Sugar Sugar" Game

This is an unbelievably clever game requiring quite a bit of brainpower. Can you fill all the cups with sugar? Click on 'play' to start. You must guide all of the sugar into the cups. Make sure you fill all of the cups with the correctly colored sugar. Sometimes there is a....Read More


"Flu Game" Quiz ages 7 - 8

"Flu Game" Quiz

In this Quiz, answer the flu related questions and learn how to scrub your hands properly to help prevent the spread of germs. You are asked about the symptoms of flu, how it spreads and ways to prevent it....Read More


"6 Steps to Wash your Hands" activity ages 7 - 8

"6 Steps to Wash your Hands" activity

In this activity, you need to drag the cards to the correct places in the correct order i.e. into steps 1 to 6 of 'the 6 hand washing steps'. Ignore the 4 incorrect cards and leave them alone! Can you....Read More


"Fruit and Veg Heroes" sliding Puzzle activity ages 8 - 13

"Fruit and Veg Heroes" sliding Puzzle activity

In this sliding puzzle activity, see if you can rearrange Oscar Orange, Captain Capsicum, Banana Man, and Tamara Tomato? But beware, time is running out because the countdown timer is ticking! Click 'scramble' then slide the tiles around to put....Read More


"Blast Off Space" activity ages 8 - 11

"Blast Off Space" activity

Fuel your 'body' (the space rocket) with healthy food so you can enter space healthily by blasting off. If you eat healthily in the game and do some exercise too you might just get to reach the ultimate goal which is Planet Power. You can't blast off too early. Rather, you must be fully fueled in the correct ratios....Read More


"Self Esteem" Games ages 9 - 14

"Self Esteem" Games

In this resource, there are three "Fun Self Esteem Games". All of these have happy faces as the main theme. The games are called 'Grow Your Chi', 'Eye Spy - The Matrix' and 'WHAM! Self-Esteem Conditioning'. These games....Read More


"Fit for Life Respiration Animation" Activity ages 11 - 16

"Fit for Life Respiration Animation" Activity

In this activity, you can learn all about how blood pressure and respiration (both aerobic and anaerobic) is affected by exercise. Leading a healthy life is explained in order to remain fit and healthy. You can achieve this by having a balanced diet, managing stress, keeping your body mass at optimum levels and exercising regularly. The....Read More


"Human Health & Diet Animation" Activity ages 11 - 16

"Human Health & Diet Animation" Activity

This is a very interesting and informative activity about the sources of all of the key food groups and the advantages of each of them. It explains that eating a balanced diet in the correct quantities and taking lots of exercise are two of the key....Read More


"Staying Healthy Animation" Activity ages 11 - 16

"Staying Healthy Animation" Activity

This animation shows how illnesses are, in many circumstances, caused by either viruses or bacteria. A fun test shows a list of illnesses and you must choose whether you think they are caused by a virus or by bacteria. See what score you can achieve! Further information is given on vaccinations and antibiotics (including the fact that....Read More


"Homeostasis & Balance Animation" Activity ages 11 - 16

"Homeostasis & Balance Animation" Activity

This activity describes how the body normally regulates many of your functions such as blood sugar levels, water levels, carbon dioxide levels and temperature. Explanations of how some of these happen in practice are given. Further detail is given about....Read More


"Running repairs" Study Notes ages 11 - 16

"Running repairs" Study Notes

These are detailed student notes on heart issues and blood system topics such as 'agglutination', 'blood clotting', 'Hole in the heart', 'Blocked coronary arteries', 'Different types of....Read More


"Self Esteem" Quiz ages 13 - 17

"Self Esteem" Quiz

For teenage kids, try this personal Self Esteem quiz and see how you go on. The quiz also gives some advice and tips which are extremely useful. There are ten questions to answer. The worksheet is extremely thought provoking....Read More