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Hydration for Kids
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Hydration is vitally important to your health (you are less likely to get ill). The better hydrated you are, the more likely you are to perform better at sports and in your school work too. Don't leave it until you get thirsty either, keep sipping throughout the day. Keeping well hydrated in hot weather is especially important, especially if you are exercising.

If you start to become dehydrated, not only will you feel thirsty but you can suffer from headaches and start feeling quite tired. If your urine is dark rather than clear then that is a sure sign you need to hydrate yourself.

Water or milk are the best drinks to hydrate yourself with. Then you could try vegetable or very dilute or artificially sweetened still (non-fizzy / non -carbonated) drinks. Fruit juices are just sugar in water (fresh fruit is far better for you) so avoid if possible.

Depending on your age, you are likely to need 1-2 litres of fluid per day to keep yourself fully hydrated. People often talk about '8 glasses/cups a day' which is an easy rule of thumb to remember but is obviously dependent on external temperature and on exercise levels.

For more activities, games and info, see our other article on 'WATER INTAKE'.


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"Kids Water Chart" worksheet ages 6 - 10

"Kids Water Chart" worksheet

This worksheet is a chart to track how many glasses of water you drink. Why not compare your water consumption to that of your friends? About 8 glasses....Read More


"Pure Shot" Game ages 8 - 16

"Pure Shot" Game

The aim of this game is to try and blast all of the PureLets off the screen using your hydro-cannon. Try to match three or more Purelets. You can also bounce them off the wall too. The game is over if the PureLets get too close to your cannon. Use the Nestle 'powerup' icon and the H2O molecule too.....Read More


"Photo Search" Activity ages 8 - 12

"Photo Search" Activity

The aim of this activity is to compare the two photos to spot the differences. You'll have to be quick as time runs out before you know it! You lose 5 seconds for each incorrect guess so guessing is a bad idea. Click the link then....Read More


"Let Life Flow" Activity ages 8 - 12

"Let Life Flow" Activity

In this activity, with happy music thrown in, you must see if you can find the 8 glasses of water in the scene. How quickly can you do it? The timer seems to go quickly! Click the....Read More


"Make your own Skittles Activity" ages 8 - 12

"Make your own Skittles Activity"

In this activity, you can print out Highland Spring's fun skittles game for kids. Follow the instructions and fill some plastic bottles with water, get a....Read More


"Hydration" Activity ages 11 - 16

"Hydration" Activity

Try playing this interactive quiz game from Project Wet with 8 levels. It tells you all about the need for proper hydration and will really test your knowledge of water in the body.....Read More


"Keep Food Safe" Notes ages 11 - 16

"Keep Food Safe" Notes

These Notes have a great amount of information related to Food Safety including 'Check your steps', 'Charts - food safety at a glance', 'Food Safety by types of food', 'Food Safety by events and season', 'Food Safety in an emergency' and....Read More