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Sleep Overview
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Why do we need sleep? Sleep repairs your body (tissues, muscles, skin etc.) and helps you grow! A good sleep replenishes you and makes you feel energised, ready for another busy day!

Children need more sleep than adults. Checkout our chart below to see if you are getting the recommended amount

3 years old 12 hours
5 years old 11 hours
7 years old + 10.5 hours

Generally speaking, the average child is getting 1-2 hours less than they should nowadays which is not good. This can lead to hyperactivity, irritability, poor concentration at school and ongoing health issues including possible weight gain.

How to get a good night's sleep

Go to bed on time so you can get your recommended sleep hours! A dark, cool, noise free room is the best. Avoid running around just before you go to bed and move your smart phone or tablet out of the bedroom to reduce temptation


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"Head to bed" maze activity ages 6 - 8

"Head to bed" maze activity

In this activity, you need to try and get through the maze to the end. Avoid all of the items that stop you getting a good night's sleep such as phone calls, action games, sleep disorders and TV. This is a....Read More


"The Sleep Card Game" ages 6 - 9

"The Sleep Card Game"

In this activity, you need to first print out these matching pairs cards in order to play a classic memory game. There's a slight twist though! The 'matching' cards are NOT exactly identical : they are similar but one card shows a good habit....Read More


"Discover What's under the covers" activity ages 7 - 10

"Discover What's under the covers" activity

In this "word scramble" activity, you need to find the 15 hidden sleep related words. Help the bear who is wearing pyjamas and ready to go to bed by finding the words. The words to look out for are 'bed', 'body', 'bones', 'brain', 'concentrate', 'day, 'fix injuries', 'grow', 'healthy', 'muscle',....Read More


"PJ Bears Sleep Calculator" activity ages 8 - 10

"PJ Bears Sleep Calculator" activity

This activity helps you to find out how much sleep you're having and how much you need by filling out PJ Bears Sleep Calculators. There are two 'calculators' - a "Bedtime Calculator" and a "Sleep Time Calculator". These help you to work out what time you need to go to bed and....Read More


"Sleep for Kids" website activities ages 9 - 11

"Sleep for Kids" website activities

If you are struggling to sleep, try this excellent website for kids. There is information on 'why we sleep', 'how sleep works', 'sleep and you', 'dreams' and more! There....Read More


"Snooze Clues Sleep Crossword Puzzle" activity ages 9 - 11

"Snooze Clues Sleep Crossword Puzzle" activity

In this activity, see if you can help PJ Bear to complete the sleep related crossword puzzle. As per the standard crossword format, there are some 'across' questions and some 'down' questions. The answers are at the bottom. There are 5....Read More