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If you are fit you are likely to be healthy. The two are often inter-related. This means you will tend to enjoy life a lot more and there's a real good chance you will have a bigger than average circle of friends. Since you'll have more energy than the average person you'll probably want to get out and about and do more.

Exercise needn't be hard work, especially if you do something you enjoy. Keep trying different things that work you out aerobically until you find something you do enjoy. Maybe this is running, swimming, cycling, windsurfing or whatever.

To get fit and strong you need a healthy nutritional food intake combined with aerobic and flexibility exercises and some strength training. Keep yourself well hydrated with water and make sure you have enough sleep and have all the key ingredients of a healthy lifestyle!

Some of the major benefits of a good level of fitness are:

  • You should have a positive outlook on life and your moods are likely to be more positive too. Your self esteem is also likely to be higher and you'll be more confident
  • You will have loads of energy for all aspects of life
  • Your weight, body fat levels and BMI are more likely to be within the normal ranges
  • You will sleep better
  • You will probably be better at sport and get more friends through it
  • You will be stronger physically and aerobically
  • You will have less chance of health issues as you get older (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels etc.)

For further information on Fitness, go to our see our article 'FITNESS OVERVIEW' article


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"Blocks Reaction Game" ages 7 - 13

"Blocks Reaction Game"

This is a simple and highly addictive reaction time game. Don't let the box touch the sides or get hit by a nasty purple block. As the instructions explain, 18 seconds is a really good score as....Read More


"Rektagon" game ages 7 - 18

"Rektagon" game

How addictive is this? See if you can avoid being crushed by the walls closing in you. Another great reaction test game. Don't get bashed on....Read More


"Fastball Reaction time" ages 8 - 11

"Fastball Reaction time"

This game tests your reaction times in a super fast baseball game. Are your reactions lightening fast? Let's see! Wait until you see the words "Swing, Batter" then click immediately. If you get a fast reaction time then you get a....Read More


"Stretching Warm-up Exercises for Gymnastics, Dance, Cheerleading and Trampoline" videos ages 8 - 16

"Stretching Warm-up Exercises for Gymnastics, Dance, Cheerleading and Trampoline" videos

Classic stretching routines are demonstrated in this video. Follow the gymnastics coach demonstrating shoulder warm-ups, back and side stretches, hip and front leg stretch, back of leg stretches....Read More


"Youth Strength, Speed and Agility Training" ages 10 - 14

"Youth Strength, Speed and Agility Training"

This resource contains some classic training videos for a 10 year old boy using various resistance techniques. Finally, the exercises are carried out with a whole....Read More


"The Ultimate Douchebag Workout" game ages 13 - 16

"The Ultimate Douchebag Workout" game

Can you turn the slim boy into a super strong and fit athlete? Get him to eat and workout correctly and you'll see his physique change! His mission is to bulk up as much as possible. Obviously don't follow this in real life as steroids are a really....Read More