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Feelings and Emotions for Kids
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There are a huge amount of potential feelings and emotions that you can have. Examples are anger, fear, happiness, sadness and excitement. The key thing to remember it is absolutely normal to have them. In fact, in most instances, it is healthy to feel a certain way. For example, if you are angry about being teased and called a name at school this is definitely a normal and healthy feeling!

What you need to remember is that it is the response to that feeling that is critical to get right. So if someone teases them it is not ok to hit them or tease them back. This just escalates the situation and makes a bad situation worse. It will also give you more stress and hassle in the long run.

The best response in the above situation depends on circumstances. If it a one off minor tease then it probably best just to walk away and say to yourself in your own mind that the comment is silly and wrong and reinforce this in your own mind. Be strong enough to know that the person being mean to you will not affect you. Then go off and do something positive (play with another child, do something you love doing, listen to some of your favourite music or get some exercise like go and run around for a while or ride a bike. Exercise is good de-stresser!)

If that person continues to pick on you and it starts to become bullying then you still should do the same as above but additionally you MUST inform an adult because bullying is completely unacceptable.

See our article here 'SAFETY FROM BULLYING'

If you find yourself arguing with your parents/carers frequently then it is important to try and reduce the stress and hassle for both of you by trying to sit down and come to some sort of compromise on key conflict areas.

Finally, if you struggle to control your emotions then ask for a trusted adult to help you. Sometimes this is very difficult for adults too but they should be at least point you in the right direction and offer support. Your school may be able to advise too. There are trained counselors available in virtually every country and if you need real help and support these people are professionally trained to understand your exact situation and offer help.


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"My Feelings Activity Book" ages 3 - 6

"My Feelings Activity Book"

This activity book is a 20-page printable PDF developed by Project ABC. The booklet is a colouring-in animal activity workbook with a 'feelings' theme. It was developed in order to aid young children learn about feelings and help them to describe their feelings to others. The booklet can be read out loud by parents or carers and is....Read More


"Tikkabilla Emotion Theatre" activity ages 4 - 6

"Tikkabilla Emotion Theatre" activity

Play this interactive activity with Tikkabilla and try to find out the correct emotion for Tikkabilla's face. Look out for Tamba's sad face, angry face , happy face, surprised face and excited face. Watch Tamba....Read More


"Feelings Picture Dictionary" activity ages 4 - 6

"Feelings Picture Dictionary" activity

Match the frog cards which are all based on particular feelings. Match the picture of the frog with words like "hot", "tired", "bored", "sad", "sleepy", "cold", "scared" etc. Click on each of the pictures at the bottom first to get to....Read More


"Emoticons Craft" activity ages 4 - 6

"Emoticons Craft" activity

Try these great craft ideas to make up some faces. You will need access to a printer, some crayons, scissors (with a helpful adult) and some glue. Make up some great faces using the templates given. The templates can be accessed at the bottom of the page (click "colour"....Read More


"Match the Feelings 1" activity ages 6 - 8

"Match the Feelings 1" activity

Match the 16 faces that are displaying a certain feeling to the words. Can you get them all right? Words to match are 'thoughtful', 'bored', 'happy', 'sad', 'tired', 'angry', 'amused', 'malicious', 'worried', 'arrogant', 'surprised', 'horrified',....Read More


"Match the Feelings 2" activity ages 6 - 8

"Match the Feelings 2" activity

Match the 9 faces that are displaying a certain feeling to the words. Can you get them all right? Words to match are 'sleepy', 'sad', worried', 'hungry', 'tired', 'happy', 'thirsty', 'angry' and 'sick'. Why not print out the sheet in colour and use a pencil to join....Read More


"Feelings and Emotions" worksheet ages 6 - 8

"Feelings and Emotions" worksheet

Fill in the missing feeling and emotion word.. Look at the 12 pictures and sentences and fill out the missing blank word describing how the person is feeling. Look at the person's face and body language to give you a clue! The words to look for are 'worried', 'happy', 'scared', 'thoughtful', 'disappointed', 'amused', 'angry',....Read More


"Feelings and Emotions Matching" activity ages 6 - 8

"Feelings and Emotions Matching" activity

In this activity, you need to match the 'emotions'. Find the correct solution by matching the picture with the corresponding description to the emotion. Then pair the suggested solution on....Read More


"Feelings and Emotions Definitions" activity ages 6 - 8

"Feelings and Emotions Definitions" activity

In this activity, you need to complete the 12 "Feelings and Emotions Definitions". Complete the word description definitions all of the facial expressions shown in the pictures. The facial expressions match the following words - 'confused', 'ashamed', 'disappointed', 'malicious', 'arrogant', 'bored', 'amused',....Read More


"Opposite Feelings" activity ages 7 - 9

"Opposite Feelings" activity

In this activity, you need to check out the facial expressions and descriptions of the left hand side and match each of them to an opposite facial expression and description on the right. Your aim is to find the opposites of 'bored', 'hungry', 'energetic', 'nervous', 'happy', 'angry',....Read More


"Find the Missing Vowels for the Feeling" activity ages 7 - 9

"Find the Missing Vowels for the Feeling" activity

In this activity, there are 10 pictures shown with a person showing a particular feeling. The descriptions of these feelings are given but the vowels in the word are missing. Can you add the....Read More


"Feelings Word Scramble" activity ages 7 - 9

"Feelings Word Scramble" activity

In this activity, there are 10 pictures of people showing certain emotions. Can you match the emotions to the correct description? But there's a twist! The description has the words scrambled too.....Read More