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Self Esteem for Kids Overview
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A lack of self esteem can really affect your future happiness, positivity and success. It may also lead to depression. Often this is related to unloving parents or maybe copied from parents' own low self-esteem.

Children with a reasonable level of self esteem are usually happier and likely to achieve more in life since they will probably push themselves and try out new things.

At the other end of the scale, having too much self esteem has major problems too. These can come across as arrogant, aggressive and unable to handle criticism well (sometimes completely over-reacting) and are sometimes prone to depression for not meeting their own high expectations.

Tips to Improve Your Self Esteem

  • Develop interests you are good at and are better than your peers at (or could be with a little effort). This builds self confidence which will spill over into other aspects of your life
  • Realise that with consistent effort, you can be whatever you want to be. Your destiny is in your own hands.
  • Exercise regularly, eat healthily, drink lots of water and live a healthy life. Fit, physically active people are rarely low on self esteem
  • Don't take everything too seriously. The odd joke about each other is fine and should be handled in a light hearted way. Obviously consistent bullying is unacceptable.
  • Try your best to get a variety of friends either at school or by joining clubs. Don't just rely on one friend and put all your eggs in one basket. Join a club with people of similar interests.
  • Try to compromise with people more which will earn you more friends.
  • Try to help others. Helping out at charities can be extremely rewarding mentally since you will become aware that your efforts really matter

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"Self Esteem Cloud" activity ages 4 - 6

"Self Esteem Cloud" activity

There are two pre-made downloadable PDFs (a 'name cloud' and 'strength strips') which are used for this activity. Write the name or add a picture of the child in question in the cloud. Then attach strength strips (e.g. brave, wise, strong, loving etc.) to that picture for the child....Read More


"Grow Your Chi" game ages 9 - 15

"Grow Your Chi" game

This is a Self-Esteem Conditioning game meant for fun to raise awareness of self esteem. You have a Chi Pet and the aim is grow your pet into a full Chi. Click on smiley faces and your name to gain points. You lose points for clicking on incorrect items. Power up from a grasshopper and a seedling to get to your final destination.....Read More


"Eye Spy : The Matrix" game demo ages 9 - 15

"Eye Spy : The Matrix" game demo

This is a fun Self-Esteem Conditioning game where you have to spot and click on the only smiling approving face in a list of grumpy people! At the end, your average time to find the approving face in a sea of scowls is shown. Read the theory behind the game which is based on some research carried out by....Read More


"WHAM!" game demo ages 9 - 15

"WHAM!" game demo

This "Self-Esteem Conditioning" game is just for fun and for raising awareness of self esteem type issues. You enter your birthday (not the year) and your name and these are associated with smiley faces. Other names and dates are associated with frowning faces. Click every item you....Read More


"Give Your Self Esteem a Makeover" Quiz ages 13 - 16

"Give Your Self Esteem a Makeover" Quiz

For teens, try this quiz and see how you do. Contains lots of tips and advice. The Rosenberg scale for self esteem is highlighted and you have a test against it. Psychologists' views on self esteem are highlighted and in particular the potential consequences of having low esteem and the reasons behind it. Some....Read More