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Food Safety for Kids
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Food Safety is really important to your health! If you or your parents don't take the matter seriously you or a family member could easily end up with food poisoning which is a horrible experience. You'll feel absolutely terrible for a number of days with vomiting, diarrhoea, stomach pains and in the worst case you can even die of it.

The problem with food is that it can become contaminated with certain types of bacteria (e.g. salmonella, E Coli, Campylobacter ) and unless it is stored, handled, cooked and refrigerated correctly, those bacteria can multiply very quickly. For example, certain harmful germs can go from a thousand (1,000) in number to a million (1,000,000) in just 2 hours if the temperature is warm enough! When you eat that food your body can be blitzed by the germs and you could easily get either an infection or food poisoning which can seriously damage your health. It can take 1-3 days after eating contaminated food before you start to feel ill and usually it will be 24-48 hours of feeling really bad.

If you ever see blood in your poo or are severely dehydrated or feel seriously ill you must always seek urgent medical attention because this is potentially life threatening.

Where does the bacteria come from? Well, usually it comes from animal poo or bird poo or even YOUR poo and ends up either on the outside or even the inside of food. So it is important to follow ALL the relevant safety tips to stop you from digesting this bacteria.

Tips for Food Safety

Food must be bought and brought home in a safe manner. Bacteria multiplies in off food that has gone off and food stored at the wrong temperature (e.g. never buy anything past its sell by date, check for obvious smells and discolouration of food, don't allow meat or dairy to become warm on the journey home and put into the fridge or freezer straight away, store foods correctly as per the label. Don't ever buy or drink unpasteurized Fruit Juice (contains bugs!).

Personal hygiene and Food preparation area hygiene is important too. Bacteria can pass onto your hands or onto the food easily.

  • Always wash your hands for 20 seconds before handling food or after going to the bathroom and keep the food preparation clean and germ free (don't put school bags or books on there!)
  • Preparing Foods and Separating Food Safely is also a requirement for safety.
  • Always check food sell by dates and check for odours or discolouration before preparing them, wash fruit and vegetables, and keep germs from raw meats, raw eggs, raw poultry or raw shellfish separated from foodstuffs.
  • Cook food and eat it in a safe manner
  • If you are old enough to cook then make sure you never undercook chicken, turkey, eggs or shellfish. Also inspect food before you eat it for being 'off' and always reheat food until it is nice and hot.
  • Store Food in the Correct Manner
  • Store food as per label guidelines and typically meat and dairy in the fridge and don't leave them out for long. If you take packed lunches to school, make sure they have an ice pack and transfer to the school fridge when arriving. If school do not have a fridge, we recommend not having school lunches!

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"Mix Colors and Food Safety" activity ages 5 - 8

"Mix Colors and Food Safety" activity

This is an 'Electronic Online Colouring Booklet' with 16 pages in PDF format. print it out and then color them in! Learn key concepts of food safety like 'Clean',....Read More


"Thermy Colouring Page" activity ages 6 - 9

"Thermy Colouring Page" activity

This activity is a printable showing you some tips related to correct cooking temperatures and the correct use of a thermometer for checking....Read More


"Kitchen Ninja" Food Safety game ages 8 - 16

"Kitchen Ninja" Food Safety game

Wow! An amazing game teaching you about food safety. This takes about 30 seconds to load but is an amazing, full featured, addictive interactive game. It teaches about food safety practices such as personal hygiene, danger zone temperatures for poultry, meat and fish, food contamination and cross contamination. It has the lot! You are....Read More


"For Food Safety - Chill !" worksheet ages 8 - 11

"For Food Safety - Chill !" worksheet

This puzzle helps to teach you why you need to chill certain foods to prevent bacteria multiplying. There are seven great tips given on how to do this. Then you can try to unscramble some....Read More


"For Food Safety - Keep it Clean!" worksheet ages 8 - 11

"For Food Safety - Keep it Clean!" worksheet

This worksheet is a puzzle to teach you why you need to keep things clean to kill off bacteria and stop it spreading. It includes a....Read More


"Food Safety Downloadable Materials" activities ages 9 - 13

"Food Safety Downloadable Materials" activities

There are loads of activities and worksheets in this resource. It includes a "Complete Food Safety Activity Booklet", "Safe Minimum Temperature", "Food Safe Families Card", "Door....Read More


"Separate, Don't Cross Contaminate" Activity Puzzles ages 9 - 12

"Separate, Don't Cross Contaminate" Activity Puzzles

There is a "Word Search" included in this resource with words that get the message across about being careful on the cross contamination potential from certain raw foods. Look for the words 'raw meat', 'wash hands', 'cross contaminate', 'clean plate', 'cutting board', 'disinfect', 'separate', 'fight', 'bacteria', 'poultry', 'counters',....Read More


"Keeping Lunch Boxes Safe" notes ages 9 - 13

"Keeping Lunch Boxes Safe" notes

These Notes provide some useful information about food safety and taking bag lunches (packed lunches) to school. Topics include 'Why keep food cold?', 'Begin with Safe Food', 'Keep Everything Clean', 'Don't Cross-Contaminate', 'Packing Lunches', 'Keeping Cold Lunches Cold', 'Keeping....Read More