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Literacy Overview for Kids
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Having excellent levels of literacy is something that is worth striving for. This can have a dramatic positive impact in your whole life and countless studies have shown links to better health, more rewarding career opportunities, better overall academic success, improved social skills, positivity and much more.

Take every opportunity to read more (whether it be free online books, paid for downloadable e-books or just plain, old fashioned paper books), write more, speak more and listen more. The harder you practice, the more you will achieve.

Take a look at our huge list of fun resources throughout the literacy section of our website! If you make a big effort using many of these resources, we feel confident you will see a massive improvement in your literacy skills, which will in turn give you potentially a far more rewarding life.


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"BBC literacy" resources ages 5 - 7

"BBC literacy" resources

In these resources, you have the chance to learn all about 'Speaking and listening', 'Reading', 'Reading literary and fiction texts', 'Writing'....Read More


"Starfall literacy" resources ages 5 - 8

"Starfall literacy" resources

This website includes a number of reading related activities for younger children. This includes - ABCs, Learn to Read, It's Fun....Read More


"Project Gutenburg" resources ages 6 - 18

"Project Gutenburg" resources

An amazing online resource of free e-books which are out of copyright so completely free to download. There is usually an option to download them to....Read More


"PBS Kids" resources ages 6 - 10

"PBS Kids" resources

This website has lots of different areas to explore (click the 'map' or any of the animal characters) and there are fun resources in each area to help with your literacy. Areas include....Read More


"BBC literacy" resources ages 7 - 11

"BBC literacy" resources

In these resources, there are a huge amount of learning opportunities related to 'Speaking and listening', 'Reading', 'Reading literary and fiction texts',....Read More


"BBC literacy" resources ages 11 - 14

"BBC literacy" resources

In these resources, you have the chance to learn all about the following topics 'Reading', 'Speaking and listening', 'Writing' and....Read More