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Math Overview for Kids
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What is Mathematics (or Math or Maths!)? Well, the definition is actually quite hard to explain but it includes the study of arithmetic (numbers), geometry and trigonometry, calculus and algebra and is considered a science (although we have deliberately given math its own section of the website outside of the Science section).

Many children ask why do we need to learn it and why is it often compulsory in most countries? The reason is simple! Math is used to some degree in everyday life (e.g. using money, calculating discounts, working out measures for cooking etc.) as well as to a higher standard in many highly paid and interesting jobs such as finance, engineering and research. It is also known to improve your logic, critical thinking ability and IQ.

Some people love math and others find it difficult and sometimes boring. Our resources below have a massive collection of fun ways to learn math that we guarantee you will enjoy. There are plenty of games, activities and videos to keep your interest levels up and these complement some of the study note links we recommend too.

Children of different ages learn in different ways. Older children learn best by a combination of study and fun learning whereas younger children tend to learn more initially by having fun and trying things out. Just do what is best for you! Any learning is better than none. Below we have added a few general links to good resources but the best way to learn is to actually systematically go through each of the maths topics for your age range and try our recommended resources in those specific topics.


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"US Government Math Games" ages 5 - 11

"US Government Math Games"

These games include 'Chances', 'Create a Graph', 'CryptoKids', 'Cyberchase Games', 'CyberChase Online' , 'Math Index - Figure This', 'Math Teaser Challenge', 'Memory Game',....Read More


"US Government Math Videos" ages 5 - 11

"US Government Math Videos"

Lots of interesting math videos including ones on the following topics - 'Data', 'Fractions', 'Geometry', 'MathFLIX', 'Measuring and Measurements',....Read More


"Maths Games from the British Broadcasting Corporation" ages 5 - 7

"Maths Games from the British Broadcasting Corporation"

Some useful games and activities from the BBC including 'Number Pyramid', 'Camel Times Tables', 'Division Mine', 'Safari Units', 'Igloo Shopping', 'Harbour Measurements', 'Clockworks', 'Forest....Read More


"Tumble Town Mathletics" Activity ages 6 - 8

"Tumble Town Mathletics" Activity

Answer the multiple choice math questions. In each round you have 30 seconds and you must get at least two questions correct to move onto the next round. For example, you have to choose the object with the smaller or larger perimeter, or the picture where the pink....Read More


"Maths Games from the British Broadcasting Corporation" ages 7 - 11

"Maths Games from the British Broadcasting Corporation"

The games and activities are broken down into 'Numbers', 'Shape, Space and Measures' and 'Handling Data'. For example, some of the activities within 'Numbers' are - 'Addition and subtraction', 'Decimals', 'Factors and multiples', 'Fractions basic', 'Equivalent fractions', 'Ordering and comparing fractions',....Read More


"MangaHigh Maths Games" ages 7 - 17

"MangaHigh Maths Games"

Lots of initially free games in various topics such as 'numbers', 'algebra', 'shape' and 'data'. For example, the 'Shape' section covers teh following topics - 'Angles', 'Triangles', 'Quadrilaterals', 'Polygons', 'Congruence', 'Length, area and volume', 'Circles and cylinders', 'Circle theorems', 'Similar shapes', 'Locus and....Read More


"Starfall" maths Game ages 8 - 9

"Starfall" maths Game

Try and answer all of the maths questions and see if you can get to the treasure box. You need to click on the correct multiple-choice answer and fill in the gap to run across to the other side.....Read More


"Computation Castle" Activity ages 9 - 11

"Computation Castle" Activity

You need to help the Royal family overcome the evil witch by making five potions which reverse the evil spell that has been cast. Answer all the math questions....Read More


"BBC Maths Games" ages 9 - 12

"BBC Maths Games"

Some useful games and activities from the BBC including '24-hour snap game', 'Addition by splitting game', 'Bargain Hunt adding game', 'Build a shed game', 'Conveyor belt division game', 'Change game -with timer', 'Conveyor belt multiplication game', 'Comparing numbers game', 'Conveyor belt addition game', 'Conveyor belt subtraction....Read More


"Absurd Math" Activity ages 10 - 16

"Absurd Math" Activity

This is a great game designed by Tower23 that has lots of puzzles and problems to solve. You have to free the inhabitants of level-3 and you are in danger! The aim is to defeat the Powers 2B and....Read More


"US Government Math Games" ages 11 - 14

"US Government Math Games"

Includes lots of activities including 'Break the Code', 'Charts and Tables', 'Create a Graph ', 'Cyberchase Games ', 'Economy at a Glance ', 'Inflation Calculator ', 'Math Index',....Read More


"Get the Math" Videos ages 11 - 14

"Get the Math" Videos

This cool website is dedicated to show you how algebra is used in real life careers (e.g. in music, video games, basketball and restaurants).

There are interactive challenges for you to complete to incuding....Read More


"MIT Blossoms Math Videos" ages 11 - 14

"MIT Blossoms Math Videos"

Lots of detailed 45minutes videos including 'Amazing Problems: Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences', 'Arabesque: Where Art Meets Mathematics', 'Are Random Triangles Acute or Obtuse?', 'Averages: Still Flawed', 'Complex Numbers: Part Imaginary, but Really Simple', 'Connections in the Plane without Crossing', 'Counting Systems', 'Fabulous....Read More


"Maths Games from the British Broadcasting Corporation" ages 11 - 14

"Maths Games from the British Broadcasting Corporation"

The Math here is split up into 'Algebra', 'Shape,space and Measures', 'Numbers', 'Handling Data', 'Functional Maths' and the 'History and Culture of Maths'. For example, 'Algebra' topics are - 'Expressions and formulae', 'Inequalities',....Read More


"Maths Games from the British Broadcasting Corporation" ages 14 - 16

"Maths Games from the British Broadcasting Corporation"

The Math here is split up into 'Algebra', 'Geometry and Measures', 'Numbers', 'Statistics and Probability', 'Calculus', 'Functional Maths' and the 'History and Culture of Maths'. For example, 'Statistics and Probability' is subdivided into the following topics - 'Collecting, recording and representing data', 'Averages', 'Probability' and....Read More