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Healthy Nutrition for Kids
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A Healthy, Nutritious Diet is vital for your physical health and also mentally so you can perform well at school. Staying healthy involves not only having great nutritious food, lots of water, regular exercise and plenty of restful sleep. Have a healthy snack (e.g. a piece of fruit) mid-morning and mid-afternoon to stop you getting too hungry between meals.

Good Nutrition

So what is a Healthy, Nutritious Diet?

You need food and water to stay alive!

There is lots of healthy nutritious food in the world and lots of unhealthy ones too. Eating mainly healthy food and fluids is up to you and your guardians and is the best choice to make.

Your body needs a healthy balance of macro and micro-nutrients. These are protein, carbohydrates, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals. Fiber is also essential in your diet too as well as plenty of water.

Protein keeps you strong and is essential for your growth. Always try to eat good quality protein which typically is lean meat (chicken, seafood or lean red meat making sure you remove any skin and cut off any fat you can see! ). For vegetarians Quinoa, Beans, Lentils, Legumes, Nuts, Seeds and Soy.

Grains/Carbohydrates: This is where you get your energy from so you can do all the running, jumping and playing you want. The best carbs to eat are those that slowly release energy to your bloodstream like porridge oats, pasta, rice or wholemeal bread. Fruit and Vegetables have smaller amounts of carbohydrates in them.

Fruit and Vegetables : try to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day to give your body plenty of vitamins and minerals vital to your health. One portion is approximately a handful so this would be an apple or 2 florets of broccoli.

Good Fats : These are normally present in sufficient quantities in the foods you eat. Try to eat some fish each week.

Dairy : Milk or milk products that are low fat, have no added sugar, and have retained their calcium content are best. Either skimmed milk or 1% low fat milk are ideal sources of dairy. Calcium helps build strong bones and teeth.

Vitamins and Minerals : These come in abundant supply from milk, whole grains, fruit and vegetables and are a natural part of a healthy diet.

Fiber / Fibre : If you eat lots of wholegrains and fruit and vegetables then you'll get all the fibre your body needs. As long as you are well hydrated it will help your body get rid of all the waste products it needs to.

Bad Nutrition

Avoid these foods as much as possible (occasionally have them if you want):

  • Fast foods especially fried foods and takeaways with high levels of saturated fat
  • Tinned, packet foods
  • Fatty meats
  • Foods full of processed sugar (candy, sweets, full sugar fizzy drinks and sports drinks, breakfast cereals with high sugar contents etc.)

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"Bon Appetite" food shooting game ages 7 - 14

"Bon Appetite" food shooting game

In this arcade-type shooting game you need to shoot the foods from each of the 5 food types (grains, fruit, vegetables, milk group and meat/legumes). Great fun but....Read More


"Get me to The Banquet On Time" game ages 7 - 14

"Get me to The Banquet On Time"  game

Help Little D (the friendly dragon) prepare the banquet for King Henry in a race against the clock. But you'll have to search the maze and be quick in order to pick up the food from the maze before it disappears. The aim is to prepare a balanced meal for the King containing grains, vegetables, fruits,....Read More


"Nutrition Mixer" game ages 8 - 14

"Nutrition Mixer" game

Decide how many servings of each food group you should have each day and then help Arianna and Marcus mix rock, country, jazz and dance tunes! Learning has....Read More


"Breakfast Detective" activity ages 9 - 12

"Breakfast Detective" activity

This activity has five rounds of clues to breakfast questions. Can you get them all right and be awarded the title of 'Breakfast Detective'? Drag 'n drop....Read More


"Blast Off" Space Activity ages 10 - 14

"Blast Off" Space Activity

This is a cool spaceship activity where you need to fuel your rocket with healthy ingredients just like your body! Add in some exercise too and you could make it to Planet Power. You need to add the correct amounts of each food group to make it, though. Blast off too soon and your spaceship can go up in smoke. But Blast Off when you're....Read More


"Build A Meal" Activity ages 10 - 14

"Build A Meal" Activity

Can you build a meal with Kevin for yourself before the clock runs out? You need to type in your age, whether you are a boy or a girl and how active you are. Then you can fill your plate with any of the foods shown. Choose food for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack. But there's a catch! You....Read More


"Picnic Adventure" game ages 10 - 14

"Picnic Adventure" game

Help Little D (the friendly dragon) collect food for the picnic. Once you have landed (by pressing the spacebar), use the magnifying glass to double check if you want to pick it up. Try to notice clues from Little D. (e.g. when Little D.....Read More


"Food Force One" activity ages 10 - 14

"Food Force One"  activity

Help Arianna and Marcus find the right ingredients from around the globe to make certain combination foods (cheeseburger, sushi roll, shish kebob and taco)! Travel to faraway places such as Egypt, Japan, Peru, Mexico, Australia, England, Alaska and Wisconsin (USA) to find the ingredients to make each of these. Fly to each location, scan....Read More


"Combo Kitchen" activity ages 10 - 14

"Combo Kitchen" activity

Help Arianna and Marcus find combination foods (foods that contain multiple food groups) by taking each of them to the lab to analyse them! Look for the 'analyzed' stamp to indicate that the food has been tested. Then you have the opportunity to make your....Read More


"Arianna Quintricious" game ages 10 - 14

"Arianna Quintricious" game

In this Tetris type game you need to land the correct food group type on top of another similar one. Be warned, it gets faster! To help you, at the start you can color in the food groups so you know which is which. There are 3 levels to play and you need to get groups of three similar food group blocks together each time although as you....Read More


"Fueled for fun" game ages 10 - 14

"Fueled for fun" game

In this game, you need to choose which foods Sophia or Billy will eat on the way to the racetrack and see if you can help them to win the race. You'll....Read More