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Fiber for Kids
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Dietary fiber (fibre) is plant based food that is not fully broken down your digestion process. Sometimes called 'roughage', It's what helps you keep going to the toilet which is a real requirement of a healthy body. It can help maintain you at a healthy weight as well as reducing the chances of many diseases. Examples of food that have lots of dietary fiber are fruit and vegetables, oats and whole grain cereals, brown rice, nuts and legumes (e.g. lentils and beans).

As well as eating fiber, it's important to make sure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. Going to the toilet more will lose your fluids so these need to be replaced! See our articles here on 'WATER INTAKE' and 'HYDRATION'.

If you eat your 5 portions of fruit and veggies a day this is a great start to your recommended fiber intake. Just top it up with some wholegrains and a few nuts and you've just had really healthy fiber-tastic day!

Remember choose whole grain bread instead of white. If you're just beginning to acquire the taste then have 1 slice of white and 1 slice of wholemeal bread. On the cereal front, try to have some bran from time to time rather sugar laced cereals. Instead of orange juice, just have an orange instead with water. Then you get great hydration with natural sugars and fiber.


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"Healthy Breakfast Alternatives for Kids" video ages 4 - 6

"Healthy Breakfast Alternatives for Kids" video

For younger children, watch this fun video on 'Healthy Breakfast Alternatives for Kids'. Watch the pirate puppet video featuring 'Pirates....Read More


"Eat Fiber Rich Foods" video ages 4 - 6

"Eat Fiber Rich Foods" video

For younger children, watch this fun video on "Activities to Help Children Learn to Eat Fiber-Rich Foods" featuring 'Pirates of the Carrot and Bean'! Learn which foods are fiber-rich by watching carefully and....Read More


"Dietary Fiber and Poop" video ages 4 - 6

"Dietary Fiber and Poop" video

For younger kids, you can watch this fun educational video on 'Dietary Fiber and Poop' which demonstrates some of the foods that contain fiber. It also gives examples of soluble and insoluble fiber....Read More


"Fit with Fiber" activity ages 11 - 14

"Fit with Fiber" activity

For older children, this activity has quite a detailed set of instructions based around fiber. It includes information on soluble and insoluble fiber and there are 9 activities suggested including checking out some cereal boxes for their nutritional information. Ask a parent or....Read More