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Food Sources for Kids
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You need food and water just to stay alive - and if you can eat nutritious food to stay healthy then that's a great bonus too!

The food we eat comes mainly from 3 sources:

  1. Animals e.g. chickens, pigs, fish
  2. Plants e.g wheats and oats
  3. Fungi e.g. mushrooms

These can provide you with all of the key food groups which you should eat in a varied and balanced way:

  • Protein
  • Grains
  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Dairy
  • Fats and Oils

In most cases, as long as it is thoroughly washed and any toxins removed, fresh food is generally healthier for you than processed food. Examples of fresh food are chicken breasts, apples, broccoli and nuts. Examples of processed food are a chicken curry ready meal, a jar of Bolognese sauce, breakfast cereal. These processed foods have been made in factory and packaged up for our consumption but in order to keep them from going off they are often packed with preservatives and other chemicals.

There are two key ways to obtain food:

  1. Grow your own fruit and vegetables (see our article here on 'GROWING YOUR OWN FRUIT AND VEGETABLES' or to rear your own animals.
  2. Buy food from a shop or supermarket or restaurant. Most people go for this option.

Whichever route you or your parents take, make sure you watch out for food poisoning! See our article on 'FOOD SAFETY'.

Remember food can be transported thousands of miles to reach your supermarket. For example, India export a lot of rice and typically this is transported by ship in big containers. Some food might come from your local farm down the road. And some may come from your garden!

Understanding the sources of food is important so you make healthy food choices now and in the future.


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"The Colourful Present" Video Story ages 5 - 6

"The Colourful Present" Video Story

This Video story tells about Ronnie and Alisha who are tasked with finding a colourful present for their Grandmother. Grannie's favourite colours are yellow, red, green and blue so a novel....Read More


"The Bucket Garden" Video Story ages 6 - 7

"The Bucket Garden" Video Story

In this Video, class B was being taught by Mrs. Begum and she explains about where potatoes come from and suggests growing their own potatoes in a bucket using compost and water. After that the children decide to grow....Read More


"The Farm Visit" Video Story ages 7 - 8

"The Farm Visit" Video Story

Mr. Valdez was taking the class on a farm visit as part of a school trip and the whole class was very excited. The coach trip through the countryside and the children's stop on the farm is described....Read More


"Farm to Fork" Activity ages 7 - 10

"Farm to Fork" Activity

Learn where fruits and vegetables come from by helping the Color Champions grow, deliver and purchase fruit and vegetables. Visit the field and the orchard. For example, in the field, add sun and rain to help the plants grow. Then pick some corn, broccoli and cauliflower before packing the....Read More


"The Seaside Adventure" Video Story ages 8 - 9

"The Seaside Adventure" Video Story

The food investigators are at the seaside and they learn more about seafood (e.g. mackerel, salmon, haddock, cod, mussels, crab and prawns) from Mr. Skate who runs a seaside fish business. He sells the....Read More


"The Bread Stories" Video Story ages 8 - 9

"The Bread Stories" Video Story

The food investigators learn more about Jamaican food from Jordan's grandmother. Nicola's dad is a baker so she invites her friends to her dad's bakery where they try out making....Read More


"Agventure Farm" Quiz ages 9 - 12

"Agventure Farm" Quiz

This is a Quiz to test your agriculture knowledge brought to you by the USDA Farm Service Agency. Questions include "What is a riparian buffer?", "What is a carambola?" and "Where....Read More


"The Amazing Lunchbox" Video Story ages 9 - 10

"The Amazing Lunchbox" Video Story

The food investigator children talk to their teacher Mrs. Flynn and ask about healthy eating. The balanced plate from all of the five food groups is explained and the children are given....Read More


"The Exciting Guests" Video Story ages 10 - 11

"The Exciting Guests" Video Story

The food investigator children start a new school year and their new teacher Miss Mackay explains that a bunch of Chinese students will be visiting the school at the end of the week. In preparation for the visit, they decide to learn about Chinese food before their....Read More