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Packed Lunches for Kids
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To perform well at school and in sports and also for your overall mental and physical well-being it is important to eat healthily at school as well as at home. There are various advantages and disadvantages of school lunches versus a packed lunch and it is really important to make the correct decision.

These are a few things to think about to discuss with your parents to decide whether to go for packed lunches or school meals:

  • If your school can provide refrigeration facilities then packed lunches are an option. But the sandwiches would need cooling in transit and would only work for relatively short duration journeys. If the school cannot provide any refrigeration facilities then in our view this makes packed lunches unsafe. They will be stored for too long at unsafe temperatures.
  • School Meals in the vast majority of developed countries MUST meet minimum nutritional standards and it is difficult (though certainly not impossible) to beat this in a packed lunch. For example in the United States, meals must meet the 'DIETARY GUIDELINES FOR AMERICANS'. Read our articles here for more information on 'SCHOOL MEALS'
  • If you eat school lunches rather than packed lunches or buying your own food then you have statistically a lower chance of being overweight. Being overweight can cause health issues.
  • No matter whether you have school meals or packed lunches you should take a bottle of water each day and top it up to remain hydrated (especially if you are exercising or if it is hot). You should also take a healthy snack for both mid-morning and mid-afternoon (e.g. a piece of fruit).
  • If you suffer from any food intolerance, allergy or diabetes etc. then obviously an informed decision will need to be taken with your parents and the school.

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"Healthy Snacks" Video ages 3 - 5

"Healthy Snacks" Video

This is a great, fun video for younger kids. The presenter gives the children a choice between a candy bar and a carrot then an apple or some candy worms and explains healthy food needs to....Read More


"Sandwich Stacker" game for young children ages 3 - 6

"Sandwich Stacker" game for young children

In this game, you need to help Tee or Mo (the monkeys) to make a sandwich. Click on 'How to Play' to learn the game controls (using the mouse or the arrow buttons and spacebar). Listen to the animated story then stack the sandwich with the ingredients by selecting....Read More


"Good Food Gone Bad" activity ages 6 - 10

"Good Food Gone Bad" activity

In this activity, you have matching food cards that help you discover how to stop good food from going bad. The aim is to clear the board! Click on 'Play' to start. There are 24 cards (so 12 pairs) to match. Each time you make a match you are given a popup tip related to food hygiene (or a joke). When you've cleared the board, there is a....Read More


"The Bacteria That Kept Growing" game ages 7 - 11

"The Bacteria That Kept Growing" game

Shoot the bacteria (or cook or freeze the food) in this Food Shooting Game. The initial splash screen gives you an overview of some of the key food hygiene tips related to cleanliness, proper cooking and chilling of food. You can change your weapon by shooting the oven or soap pump. Bacteria obviously move faster on the higher levels! In....Read More


"Sandwich Shop" Game ages 7 - 11

"Sandwich Shop" Game

The aim of this game is to try and make $200 by running your own sandwich shop. Serve the students quickly! You need to make sandwiches for the customers and make a profit. Each time you use an ingredient you have to pay for it but you make a profit when selling the correct sandwich to the....Read More


"Nestle Hydration" Quiz ages 8 - 14

"Nestle Hydration" Quiz

There are five questions in this quiz by Nestle related to the following topics - 'recommended water intake variables', 'the ability of water within food to fully hydrate you', 'waiting until you are thirsty before drinking', 'comparison of soda to water' and....Read More