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If you want to stay fit and healthy (both physically and mentally ), maintain weight more easily and perform well at school subjects and at sports it's really important to get the right nutrition on a daily basis. School Meals are designed to provide you with this. They have to pass stringent tests in every developed country and meet certain nutritional guidelines. It has been shown that children who eat school meals are less likely to be overweight or obese than those who don't.

Often it is a joint decision between you and your parent or guardian as to whether you have school lunches or not. Our advice to you is to ask to have them! You obviously cannot force your parents / guardians to do what you say but we would strongly suggest you encourage them to take this decision, if they haven't already.

The problem with packed lunches is that not all schools have refrigeration facilities and this means they are typically stored at unsafe temperatures. In addition, the average packed lunch is not as nutritious as the average school meal.

In between meals (mid morning and mid afternoon) you should have a small healthy snack such as a piece of fruit to keep your energy levels and metabolism up. This will stop you feeling too hungry between meal times and eating too much at your main meals.

As well as eating healthily you should also take some water to school and regularly top it up to stay hydrated, especially when it is hot or you are exercising. Avoid sugary drinks as these will help lose your concentration as well as making weight management more difficult. See our articles here on 'WATER INTAKE', 'HYDRATION' and 'HEAT SAFETY'.

Obviously if you have special nutritional requirements (e.g. diabetes, allergies) then all of this must be discussed with parents, carers and school staff before any final decisions are made on school lunches.

There is a saying in life "You are what you eat" and this is literally true because your body is continuously growing and making cells out of the food you put into your mouth. Athletes eat healthy food and typically look vibrant and healthy. If you eat fast food or poor food most of the time this is likely to reflect on your body composition. School meals is a good proportion of your food so make it a healthy choice!


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"Un-muddle your Meals" activity ages 5 - 8

"Un-muddle your Meals" activity

In this activity, the aim is to place all of the ingredients into the correct food types for each of your meals....Read More


"Healthy Lunch Agreement Certificate" ages 6 - 9

"Healthy Lunch Agreement Certificate"

Print out this great "Healthy Eating Certificate" and sign with your carer which looks cool and can help you to stay healthy at school by making a commitment to....Read More


"Flush the Unhealthy Foods" activity ages 6 - 8

"Flush the Unhealthy Foods" activity

In this activity, you can have great fun flushing the unhealthy foods down the toilet! But be careful not to choose a healthy food,....Read More


"Healthy food online jigsaw puzzles" activity ages 7 - 11

"Healthy food online jigsaw puzzles" activity

In this activity, you need to first decide on the number of pieces for each jigsaw (9,16,25,36 or 49). Some of the jigsaws are : "whole grain macaroni", "blueberries", "carrot", "oatmeal, peanuts", "chicken", "milk group", "2% milk",....Read More


"Make a Balanced Plate" activity ages 11 - 14

"Make a Balanced Plate" activity

The aim of the activity is to make a balanced plate of food by moving all the foods into the main food type categories. These are "meat", "beans", "eggs" , "fish & protein", "fruit and vegetables", "bread, rice, pasta and other carbohydrates", "milk....Read More


"3 Great Food Knowledge Games" ages 11 - 14

"3 Great Food Knowledge Games"

In these games, "Nutrition Sleuth" asks you to find the missing nutrient and "Grab a Grape" gives you the answer but you need to choose the correct question! "Have a Bit Cafe" checks your diet and lets you know how well you're going. "Nutrition Cafe" gives you some....Read More