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Healthy Recipes for Kids
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Having a healthy diet will help make sure your body develops physically and mentally to its optimum. If your Parents, Guardians or you, if you are old enough, use healthy ingredients and Healthy Recipes then you can have great fun in the kitchen whilst giving your body the healthy nutrition it needs. See our article here on 'HEALTHY NUTRITION'. If you or your parents/guardians need any inspiration then look no further.

Don't forget, you are not expected to eat healthily every single meal and NEVER have a treat. But make sure you eat healthily most of the time and your body will thanks you for it.

Healthy Recipes are those that contain mainly healthy ingredients. These are lean proteins (such as fish, nuts or lean meats), whole grains (such as whole grain spaghetti), low fat dairy products (e.g. 1% fat milk), fruit and vegetables (such as bananas, grapes, broccoli and cabbage), healthy fats (e.g. from olives) and excellent hydration from milk or water. Try to avoid eating too much highly processed foods (tins and packets, prepared meals), fatty foods (fatty meats, fried fast foods), sugar laden items (energy drinks, candy etc.).

Cooking can be fun and the best chefs in the world are both male and female so don't worry that some of our linked games tend to be targeted at girls but if you are a boy these games are still great fun and can teach you a lot!

If you do try to do some cooking always get your parents' or guardians' permission first!


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"Picnic Meat Kebabs" game ages 9 - 14

"Picnic Meat Kebabs" game

In this game, you must do your preparation, make the sauce, marinate the meat and then roast and serve your beautifully healthy chicken Kebabs. You could make chicken kebabs with onions and bell peppers OR....Read More


"Chef Barbie Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes" game ages 9 - 14

"Chef Barbie Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes" game

Your first task in this cooking game is to find the 12 objects for the sauce. Next you need to make the sauce with the ingredients! Having made the sauce, cook then mash the potatoes, cut and....Read More


"Pad Thai" game ages 9 - 14

"Pad Thai" game

A lovely dish but watch out for the brown sugar and chillies, possibly cut back a bit on these! You need to go shopping first to get all your ingredients! These ingredients are chicken breast, soy sauce, cornstarch, Thai noodles, garlic, chillies (go easy, they taste hot!), beansprouts, eggs, onions, vegetable,....Read More


"Chef Barbie Chilli Con Carne and Garlic Bread" game ages 9 - 14

"Chef Barbie Chilli Con Carne and Garlic Bread" game

In this game you must first find the cooking objects (by looking in all of the cupboards etc.) then prepare the ingredients (e.g. peel and slice the onion and garlic)! Start cooking by making the sauce and garlic bread then serve....Read More


"Thai Beef Salad" game ages 9 - 14

"Thai Beef Salad" game

Thai Beef Salad is a lovely dish but watch out for the brown sugar (not too much for health reasons) and chillies (very hot), possibly cut back a bit on these! Ingredients are Rump Steak, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, deseeded red chillis, peanuts and peanut sauce, mint,....Read More


"Authentic Spanish Paella" game ages 9 - 14

"Authentic Spanish Paella" game

In this cooking game to make Spanish Paella, follow the instructions by first slicing then removing the bones from the chicken. Next cook the chicken and make beautiful Spanish paella! Add the correct....Read More


"Chef Barbie Chicken Ramen" game ages 9 - 14

"Chef Barbie Chicken Ramen" game

Make this beautiful Japanese noodle dish by first of all finding all of the ingredients and cooking objects. Cook the chicken, make the topping, cook the ramen noodle....Read More