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Grow Your Own Fruit and Vegetables for Kids
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If you are serious about your health you should be making sure, amongst other things, you get your five portions per day of fruits and vegetables. See our 'FIVE A DAY (FRUIT AND VEG)' article. Well, to encourage you to eat more fruit and veg, what about growing your own? It really is easy enough to do. Just ask your parents/guardians if they will help you to grow some beautifully tasty seasonal veg. It's great outdoors fun and good exercise!

There are multiple potential locations for growing fruit and vegetables and your garden isn't the only one! These options typically are:

  • Garden
  • Scheme's Community garden
  • Rented land
  • Allotment
  • Backyard Containers
  • Green house or glass house
  • Balcony baskets

If you want to learn about growing fruits and vegetables and eat some of the freshest ingredients, now is a great time!


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"Where do Fruits and Vegetables Grow From?" activity worksheet ages 7 - 9

"Where do Fruits and Vegetables Grow From?" activity worksheet

this is a free printable activity sheet to teach you whether certain fruits and veg grow in the ground, on vines,....Read More


"The Garden" game ages 9 - 13

"The Garden" game

This is a great farming activity game. Buy either some seeds or even a chicken from the town and see if you can make lots of money by growing and harvesting successfully. Why not plan new crop....Read More


"The Happy Gardener" game ages 9 - 13

"The Happy Gardener" game

A great, addictive game related to growing fruit. See if you can hit the money target before the time ends. You are given a chance to dig, plant, water, snip and harvest your plants. The computer even tells you what to do....Read More


"Beans Vegetable Garden" game ages 9 - 13

"Beans Vegetable Garden" game

This is a vegetables game of matching pairs for youngsters! Help the Bunny Rabbit take the matched vegetables to the....Read More


"Urban Garden" game ages 9 - 13

"Urban Garden" game

In this urban Garden game, you need to take good care of your strawberry plants! Drag 'n drop a seed into the earth, water the plants and collect the strawberries. Sounds easy? Not really! Plants wilt and die if you don't water them and the strawberries go off quickly if you don't harvest them. See if you can get....Read More