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Fats are not ALL bad! Some fats are bad and some fats are absolutely essential. Fats can be used by your body for cell growth, energy and general metabolism. It also helps your body to absorb essential vitamins and nutrients. In fact, children who eat lots of good fats as part of their normal balanced diet are much more likely to be healthy than those who don't!

All foods will have a mixture of good fats and bad fats. The key thing is to have much more of the foods with more good fats. Always read any food label which gives a break down of what you are eating. If something is labelled as low fat then make sure it is not high sugar (or fructose or any other disguised name for sugar). This is a common 'marketing trick' of advertisers.

The best fats are mono-unsaturated fats (e.g. high levels are found in milk, red meat, avocados, olives and olive oil, seeds and oats). Yes you need to eat these! Foods with high levels of good fats tend to make you feel fuller. The next best fats to have are polyunsaturated fats which can be found in seeds, nuts, fish and leafy green vegetables.

Avoid high levels of trans-fats (hydrogenated fats) which may be present in some deep fried foods and margarines. These have been linked to various diseases but in some case the evidence is not clean cut. However, many countries have now banned trans-fats or as a minimum asked the big food chains to voluntarily remove them.

Saturated Fats are the other kind of bad fats and these should also be minimised by checking food labels(look for less than 1.5g per 100g) and minimising fast foods, fried foods and convenience packaged foods.


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"Pyramid Panic Arcade" game ages 7 - 13

"Pyramid Panic Arcade" game

Your task in this game is to to make sure the Chef cooks a balanced meal. Avoid the fatty foods and sugary ones in this levels type game. Control keys are : space bar to jump and....Read More


"The Talking Food Label activity" ages 11 - 14

"The Talking Food Label activity"

This activity asks you to compare food labels in various supermarket items and see which ones have the most fat or most calories etc. A great interactive game to show you....Read More


"Snatch the Healthy Fat Team Game" ages 11 - 14

"Snatch the Healthy Fat Team Game"

Print out this 22 page activity worksheet and set it up following the instructions. There are cards to cut out and example food labels to analyze. There is....Read More


"Facts on Fat - Macronutrients" video ages 11 - 16

"Facts on Fat - Macronutrients" video

This video contains from the British Nutrition Foundation and has information Fat and its functions, it's sources via the typical diet and UK consumption of fats. There is also some information given on how we could reduce....Read More