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Carbohydrates for Kids
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Carbohydrates (most people call them 'carbs') are what gives you he energy to run around and feel alive! About 50% or even more of your diet should be made up of carbs.

Carbs are foods that have a good percentage of carbohydrates within them such as Grains (e.g. bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, pastries) , sugar, fruit and vegetables. In fact , most things that you eat that is not meat will have carbs in it. Some foods are higher in carb content than others (pasta or rice have more carbs than vegetables for example).

You should eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day and if you do this, as well as getting lots of great vitmains, minerals and fiber, you will get some carbs for energy too. Admittedly you want get all your energy from fruit and veg you'll need to top it up with (ideally) some healthy carbs like pasta.

Talking of healthy carbs, you need to know what are 'good carbs' ( ideally you should eat these most of the time) and 'bad carbs' (these should be eaten as a treat now and again and certainly not daily). Good Carbs are those that have a low to medium Glycemic Index (how quickly the sugar hits your bloodstream after eating the food). If you eat too many bad carbs (high GI foods) you are likely to become overweight and lethargic. This will probably hit your school performance, sports participation and general healthy now and in the future.

Good Carbs are pasta, boiled potatoes, brown rice, beans and oats etc. Typically these are low fat, low Glycemic Index foods.

Bad carbs are candy, fries, energy drinks, sugary drinks, doughnuts and pizza etc. Typically these are higher fat, higher Glycemic Index foods.

If you have diabetes you'll need to be switched on to how many carbs are in the foods you eat. Try our games below to get a feel but these games are just for fun. You'll need to get your parent or carer to show you how to do it properly!


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"The Carb Count Game" interactive activity ages 11 - 14

"The Carb Count Game" interactive activity

This interactive activity shows you how to stick to a certain number of grams of carbs per meal. This is especially useful for diabetics but is a great, fun learning exercise for anyone who wants to know what foods are high, medium or low carb! Choose which meal you want (breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner), set....Read More


"Concentrating on Carbohydrate" video ages 11 - 16

"Concentrating on Carbohydrate" video

This video teaches you where carbohydrates come from and what purpose they serve in the human body. A chef shows you exactly how foods based on carbohydrates....Read More