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Refined Sugars for Kids
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Refined sugars are high 'Glycemic Index' carbs (see our 'CARBOHYDRATES' article) made in a refinery like table sugar or candy bars. This is often highly concentrated sugar and is generally bad for your health. Eating refined sugars regularly attacks your teeth and goes very quickly into your bloodstream causing both an insulin spike (giving you a sugar high then sugar low) and approximately 50% is likely to be turned into fat by your body.

Eating refined sugar should be an occasional treat rather than a daily ritual! The calories from refined sugar are referred to as 'empty calories' in that they contain no real nutritional value. Yes, of course sugar can provide energy but so can a lot of other healthy foods which also given vitamins, minerals, fibre etc. at the same time.

Refined sugar is added to lots of foods to make them sweeter so it pays to check the sugar content on labels. Many breakfast cereals contain lots of sugar as well as many sodas and even yoghurts. It should be obvious that ice cream, cakes, doughnuts and biscuits all contain lots of refined sugar.

The best way to cut down on your sugar intake is to do it gradually. Try swapping some healthier alternative foods e.g. having some sweet fruit like an orange or some grapes instead if you like a sweet taste. Even though fruit contains sugar it is not refined and fruit also has vitamins, minerals and fiber too.

In general, children nowadays are often eating 3 or 4 times as much refined sugar as the general guidelines in many countries and this will be part of the reason why so many children are struggling to maintain a healthy weight.

So if you want to get fitter, you know what to do! Reduce the refined sugar!


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"Sugar Sugar" Game ages 7 - 16

"Sugar Sugar" Game

An absolutely fascinating game which uses quite a bit of brainpower. How do you fill all the cups with sugar? You can reverse gravity so that the sugar flies upwards and at times you must color the sugar deliberately too to put it into the correct colored cup. Use the mouse to draw....Read More


"Sugar Sugar 2" Game ages 7 - 16

"Sugar Sugar 2" Game

This is the sequel to this absolutely fascinating game which uses physics, reverse gravity and quite a bit of brainpower. How do you fill all the cups with sugar? To guide the sugar in your required direction, you need to draw some lines with your mouse. If....Read More


"Be Sugar Savvy" activities ages 11 - 16

"Be Sugar Savvy" activities

Lots of activities and shocking facts about sugar. There are 3 activities at the end which you can look at which are really teacher-led lesson plans but are worth a look yourself - 'How Much do I need?', 'What's on a Label?' and....Read More