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Five a Day (Fruit and Vegetables) for Kids
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You need to try to eat 5 lots of fruit and vegetables per day to stay healthy and help you grow. If you want to perform well at school or at sports and become really healthy then fruit and vegetables are one of your best allies! They give you lots of vitamins, minerals and fiber plus a small amount of carbohydrates. Fruit and veg contain only a few calories and fill you up easily making it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

Vary your choice of fruit and vegetables so you don't get bored and try different ones all the time. Ideally you should eat fresh fruit and vegetables (cooked or uncooked) but frozen and tinned varieties still count towards your 5 portions a day.

How do I know what one portion of fruit or veg looks like?

Check this handy guide which shows you in pictures what a portion is: 5 A DAY poster guide


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"Fruit and Vegetables Colouring Pages" for Younger Children ages 3 - 7

"Fruit and Vegetables Colouring Pages" for Younger Children

Print out these coloring pages and colour away! There are dozens of coloring pages with all different types of fruits printed in black and white outline so that you can color them in. Fruits include apples, apricots,....Read More


"Summa Strawberry's Fruit Frenzy" game ages 6 - 9

"Summa Strawberry's Fruit Frenzy" game

Catch the fruit falling from the tree but avoid the candy and junk food. For instructions, click on the 'How to Play' icon on the left. Use your mouse to move Summa Strawberry around from left to right. If....Read More


"Captain Capsicum's Spot the 10 Differences" activity ages 6 - 9

"Captain Capsicum's Spot the 10 Differences" activity

Click the right hand side picture and see if you can highlight all of the 10 differences between the two versions. When you find a difference your pointer will change to a 'hand icon' so click it. A red circle will highlight over the difference. Your....Read More


"Megabit Apple's Word Match Activity" ages 6 - 9

"Megabit Apple's Word Match Activity"

In this activity, you must drag the scrambled 1st part of the word to the 2nd part of the word. iThis allows you to match them up and make up a fruit or a vegetable. As soon as you hover over the left hand part of the word, a picture of each is shown as a clue. There are a....Read More


"Fruit and Veg" ping pong game ages 6 - 9

"Fruit and Veg" ping pong game

in this classic ping pong game, see how long you can keep the fruit and veg from hitting the floor. There are 4 pieces of fruit (apples) and your time stops when the final one gets past you. Use the arrow keys....Read More


"Summa Strawberry's Wiggly Worm Game" ages 6 - 11

"Summa Strawberry's Wiggly Worm Game"

In this classic 'snake' type game, see how long you can last whilst collecting the stars. Don't crash into the sides or hit yourself....Read More


"5 a day Fruit and Veg" tracking wallchart ages 6 - 13

"5 a day Fruit and Veg" tracking wallchart

This is a customisable poster for printing and tracking your healthy eating progress. The chart includes examples of what 1 portion of fruit or veg could be as well as a bar chart to keep....Read More


"Fruit and Vegetable Math" activity ages 6 - 8

"Fruit and Vegetable Math" activity

In this activity, there are three math questions to answer based on the theme of fruit and vegetables. When you have answered all three questions correctly, you get to download and print a cool worksheet with lots of activities and puzzles on it (e.g. "wordsearch",....Read More


"Fruit and Veggie Pyramid Matching activity" activity ages 6 - 8

"Fruit and Veggie Pyramid Matching activity" activity

In this activity, your task is to match the food to the correct food groups ('grains', 'veggies', 'fruits', 'oils', 'dairy' or 'meats and beans') by dragging and dropping them onto the food group pyramid. Then color in the pyramid which....Read More


"Healthy Choices Maze" activity ages 6 - 8

"Healthy Choices Maze" activity

In this activity, your task is to guide Big Pauly around the maze. At each junction he has a choice of healthy or unhealthy food. If you choose unhealthy food, you have gone the wrong way and are asked to go back! When you get to the end, you are given a funny....Read More


"Fruit and Vegetable Matching" activity ages 6 - 8

"Fruit and Vegetable Matching" activity

There are 9 different fruits and veggies and you have to match the pictures of the whole items compared with close ups or slices of them. Some of the fruit and veg that you need to match are "grapes", "tomato", "broccoli",....Read More


"Fruit and Veggie Naming" activity ages 6 - 8

"Fruit and Veggie Naming" activity

Drag and drop the 7 fruits and vegetables on top of their names and if you are correct then you are shown some health information about it at the bottom of the screen. Fruits to match are 'canned tomatoes', 'grape juice', 'broccoli', 'frozen corn',....Read More


"Find the Fruits and Veggies" activity ages 6 - 8

"Find the Fruits and Veggies" activity

In this activity you need to find then click on the fruits and vegetables in the picture. When you have found each one, the name is greyed out from the list on the left hand side. When you have found them all you are given a funny answer to the riddle. Fruits and veggies to find include 'asparagus', 'blueberries',....Read More


"Fruit Tetris" game ages 7 - 16

"Fruit Tetris" game

In this game of fruit-type tetris, you must move the falling cubes of fruit into straight lines to avoid filling up the container. See how many levels you can complete. The game gets faster as you go along. There are....Read More


"Tamara Tomato's Skate Chaos" game ages 7 - 14

"Tamara Tomato's Skate Chaos" game

In this game, keep Tamara's energy high by picking up fruit and skating for 1 minute. See if you can reach the end without running out of energy. You lose energy by bumping into items you shouldn't do. Use the arrow keys to move up and down the....Read More


"I'm going on a Picnic" activity ages 7 - 10

"I'm going on a Picnic" activity

Print and follow this real-life worksheet activity and have your friends sit in a circle and recite the name of a fruit or vegetable starting at the letter 'a'. The next child copies the same item and adds another with the name of a fruit or vegetables beginning with the letter 'b'. Children try to move their way up the....Read More


"Tomato Billiards" game ages 8 - 14

"Tomato Billiards" game

In this great little game, see if you can you pot all of the ten tomatoes into the pockets. Click 'instructions' to start with and then click 'start'. See how long it takes you to clear all ten of the....Read More


"Crazy Card Challenge" activity ages 8 - 14

"Crazy Card Challenge" activity

A classic electronic card game of patience with a twist - all of the cards are fruit and vegetables! Can you peel all of the cards to win? Read the instructions first which tell you to rearrange the cards so that you end up with 4 piles at the top with descending alternative card colors. Pick a new card on the stack....Read More


"Captain Capsicum (or Captain Pepper!) Jigsaw" activity ages 8 - 11

"Captain Capsicum (or Captain Pepper!) Jigsaw" activity

Your task is to rearrange the sixteen jumbled up electronic pieces of the "Captain Capsicum in Space" picture. It is possible to get a sneak preview of what the finished picture will look like by clicking on the view button on the right hand side. Once a piece has been correctly placed, it cannot be....Read More


"Oscar Orange's Banana Maze Game" ages 8 - 16

"Oscar Orange's Banana Maze Game"

In this classic PacMan arcade game, first click on 'instructions' to find out how to play the game. Click on 'controls' to find which of the keyboard keys control Oscar (and how to pause or quit the game). Then move Oscar Orange to collect all of....Read More


"Fruit and Veg Q&A Puzzle" activity ages 8 - 12

"Fruit and Veg Q&A Puzzle" activity

First read the instructions on 'How to Play' and how to use the arrow keys and mouse to select your items. Then answer the clues on the shopping list and select the correct items from the....Read More


"Fruit and Veg Heroes Slider activity" ages 8 - 11

"Fruit and Veg Heroes Slider activity"

Use the electronic sliders to rearrange "Captain Capsicum", "Banana Man", "Oscar Orange" and "Tamara Tomato" against the clock! Click on 'scramble' then see if you can....Read More


"Megabite Apple Attack" game ages 9 - 16

"Megabite Apple Attack" game

This is a real thinking game! The aim of this hexagon game is to take over the board by turning your opponent's green apples red. But of course, they can turn your red apples green. A great strategy game....Read More


"Fruit and Veg Relay" Fun worksheet activity ages 9 - 13

"Fruit and Veg Relay" Fun worksheet activity

In this real-life running activity, the aim is to make a container for fruit and one for veg, then race another team in relay fashion to the fruit and veg in the middle. See....Read More


"Fruit and Vegetables World Challenge" Quiz ages 10 - 14

"Fruit and Vegetables World Challenge" Quiz

Answer questions on fruit from around the world and see if you can win the fruit and vegetable world challenge! Click on 'play now' and once the game has loaded, answer questions on various countries including Australia,....Read More


"Fruit and Vegetables Quiz" ages 11 - 16

"Fruit and Vegetables Quiz"

In this Quiz, see if you can get all of the 20 multiple choice questions correct. Click on 'instructions' first to find out information about the game. The answers to all of the questions can be....Read More