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Water Intake for Kids
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Drinking sufficient water throughout the day is extremely important for your health. You'll be better at sports and at school subjects because water helps your muscles and concentration too! Check our handy chart below to see how much you should be drinking.

Water or low fat milk are the best drinks for your body. Avoid sugary drinks which cause you to have energy spikes but energy crashes afterwards. If the weather is hot or you're exercising it is obviously really important that you drink lots of water.

If you sip throughout the day you're not as likely to get really thirsty and anyway, being thirsty is your body's way of telling you that you're ALREADY dehydrated. It's best to not get thirsty in the first place. Also, if you start getting dehydrated you may get headaches and become tired and your urine may start getting darker. These are good body signals to remind you to hydrate yourself quickly but we must stress don't wait for these alarm bells! Keep hydrated always and you'll avoid all this.

How Much should I drink?

Approximate amounts are shown below (dependent on external temperature and exercise levels):

Age Range Number of litres of fluid intake per day
1 - 3 1 litre
4 - 8 1.25 litres
9-13 2 litres
14-18 2 litres (girls)
2.75 litres (boys)

For more activities, games and info, see our other article on 'HYDRATION'.


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"A Sip of Sewage" activity ages 6 - 12

"A Sip of Sewage" activity

Your task is to reassemble the parts of a Water Treatment Plant so that you make the water drinkable. Then ask the "testing man" to drink it and see what happens! You need to add (in the correct order) sulphuric acid, lime and hydroxen peroxide and utilize UV lights,....Read More


"Tip Tank - Water Conservation Matching Pairs" activity ages 6 - 13

"Tip Tank - Water Conservation Matching Pairs" activity

In this activity, see if you can clear the board for the goldfish before the water runs out! Each item you click on is a water saving device with info in the bottom caption on how it achieves a saving. Remember, if you fail (which is likely at first) the items remain in the same place as last time so you should get better each time you....Read More


"My Real Insides Hydration" Activity ages 8 - 12

"My Real Insides Hydration" Activity

This website has some useful information including an interactive activity which allows you to x-ray a human body. Click a body part to find out more information on how water is used in that part of the body (e.g. 'inside the lungs', 'eyes and tears', 'brain', 'nose, 'mouth' and 'kidneys'). There is also a science notebook PDF to print....Read More


"Healthy Hydration" activities ages 8 - 12

"Healthy Hydration" activities

This activity has some fantastic activity sheets with quizzes and jigsaw puzzles. Learn about dehydration and even how to taste water. There are some fascinating facts about how to make sure you can stay hydrated and how you can do a self-check. There is also a....Read More


"Thirstin's Water Cycle Demo" animation ages 8 - 12

"Thirstin's Water Cycle Demo" animation

Learn all about the Water Cycle in this animated demo and where it comes from! Click on 'R' for Rain, 'W' for water storage, 'V' for vapor or 'C' for clouds. Click on auto for a complete demo from start to finish of the water cycle. Terms such as....Read More


"Island Game" ages 8 - 12

"Island Game"

Learn all about water and the water cycle with plenty of activities and quizzes by playing the Scottish Water Island Game. You will need to create a username and password to register but it is well....Read More


"Water Treatment Works Interactive tour" Revision Notes ages 11 - 16

"Water Treatment Works Interactive tour" Revision Notes

These resources give you an in-depth look at how Water Treatment Systems work. You learn about untreated water, treated water, waste water and recycled water. The various key stages of a Water Treatment Plant are identified and explained including source, treatment,....Read More