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Fruit Juice for Kids
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Although Fruit Juice is tasty I'm afraid it's not as healthy for you as you may think! Now let's get one thing straight, hydration is really, really important. But the healthiest fluids to hydrate your body with are water, milk or fresh, made up milkshakes (no added sugar) rather than Fruit Juice.

Having said that, drunk in moderation, depending on age, 1-2 cups per day is perfectly reasonable as long as you drink Unsweetened 100% Pure Fruit Juice (don't buy Fruit Drinks, Beverages or Cocktails). And as a bonus you are allowed tro count the first cup in your 'Five a Day' Fruit and Veg. target! See our article here on 'FIVE A DAY'. But we must stress, fresh fruit is ALWAYS more healthy than fruit juice!

The trouble is that nowadays, too many children are drinking excessive quantities of Fruit Juice. This means the chances are that you are not drinking as much milk or water which is far healthier!

It is preferable to always carry a bottle of water round with you and sip it at regular intervals for your main hydration. See our article here on 'WATER INTAKE' and 'HYDRATION'.

If you must have some Fruit Juice, make sure you follow these rules:

  • Never buy unpasteurized Fruit Juice since the bacteria can make you seriously ill
  • Always go for Unsweetened 100% Pure Fruit Juice (never Fruit Drinks, Beverages or Cocktails)
  • Limit the amounts you drink to 1 cup per day (aged 1-6 ) or 2 cups (aged 7+)
  • Best hydration drinks are water, milk or healthy milkshakes. For growing, developing kids like you, this is perfect!
  • If you have Fruit Juice, try to drink it with a meal. Also pour it out from the bottle into a cup.

What is the problem of drinking too much Fruit Juice?

  • It is acidic and too much can rot your teeth! Many kids nowadays suffer from tooth decay
  • Fruit Juice contains a lot of calories and too much might increase your BMI and make you fat
  • Excessive Fruit Juice may give you diarrhoea or stomach pains

We don't want to sound too gloomy on Fruit Juice, they are in fact packed with Vitamins (especially Vitamin C) and small amounts are definitely recommended. But don't overdo it!


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"Mermaid" Juice Bar game ages 7 - 14

"Mermaid" Juice Bar game

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