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Eating Healthily on a Budget for Kids
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Eating healthily is really important to enable your body (tissues, muscles, brain etc.) grow and develop to their maximum potential. The trouble is, some healthy foodstuffs can be quite expensive. If your parents or guardians are on a low income then knowing how to eat healthily on a tight budget (they won't be able to afford lots of money to buy food) is a great skill for them to have.

We would encourage you to speak to your parents/guardians and ask if you can get involved in helping make the families food healthier whilst at the same time saving money! It can be done and it will be a worthwhile project giving your family real benefits.

Some ideas to eat healthily on a budget

  • Do some research as to which shopping places offer both healthy food at reasonable prices. You probably won't be able to afford to go to a high end' supermarket but you may not have to go to the cheapest neither.
  • Go shopping with your parents and offer to help them save money as a mini project
  • Read up on our article 'HEALTHY NUTRITION OVERVIEW'
  • Make up a shopping list with your parents / guardian BEFORE you go shopping and stick to it. Don't be tempted to pick up anything you fancy! The way to do this is to decide which meals you will have before you go.
  • Try and pick 6 healthy meals per week you know you will like but have one as an experiment from our links below that you think you may be prepared to try. In this way you'll get to expand the family cooking repertoire over time whilst driving down costs. Trying new things is a risk so just stick to one per week. Some will be a hit and some will be a miss!
  • Always price compare when in the shop. Compare quality and cost per kilogram and try and make a judgement on best value.
  • Buy some frozen vegetables to keep in the freezer in case you run out of fresh ones
  • Look for good quality lean protein sources that can be frozen such as cod fillets, turkey legs or thighs in bulk. These items can be cheaper after Christmas or Thanksgiving. Other good quality but cheap protein sources are eggs, milk, tinned tuna, plain Greek yogurt , legumes and pulses.
  • Keep a log of the food you throw away each day and over time look at it and try to reduce it
  • Consider using leftovers for casseroles whilst maintaining safe food storage guidelines (see the 'FOOD SAFETY' article)
  • A big bowl of porridge oats with a small amount of fruit is a great, healthy and filling start to the day. Give it a try and encourage the rest of the family to do the same!
  • Rice and pasta fill you up and are a good source of grains. The wholewheat versions or a 50:50 mix is even healthier! The dried versions are very cheap and are a source of carbohydrates for your balanced meal.
  • Checkout if you are eligible for free school lunches. Many countries give free lunches to children from lower income families.

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"Healthy food recipe sites" resource ages 10 - 16

"Healthy food recipe sites" resource

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"Trolley Dash" Game ages 10 - 16

"Trolley Dash" Game

In this game, you go shopping to see if you can buy the correct food items in the time available (one minute)! You are given the shopping list in your diary at the start. This tests your memory as it takes time to keep checking your list. Keep retrying the game if you fail initially to do it in 1 minutes as the list remains constant so....Read More


"Sandwich Shop" game ages 10 - 16

"Sandwich Shop" game

In this game you need to keep customers happy by fulfilling their orders. Drag the ingredients to make the sandwich then drag the sandwich to the customer. Remember, you need to cook ham....Read More


"Budget training for kids" activity worksheet ages 10 - 13

"Budget training for kids" activity worksheet

This printable sheet gives you an idea how budgets work. Here you have an imaginary amount of pocket money and you have to decide if you can afford to buy things. Obviously the same....Read More