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Cooking for Kids Overview
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Learning to cook can be great fun for boys and girls alike. Some of the famous chefs in the world are male and female so if you have any interest at all in making wonderful creations, having fun and learning a new skill then look no further.

Other added benefits of learning how to cook are that you will learn all about nutrition and learn all about balanced meals and what different foods you can have. It also means you get to try lots of different foods from all over the world! Some you won't like but some you will love! You can also improve your math, reading and science skills too as an added bonus! You may enjoy spending some quality time with your parents or carers when the focus is on having fun and creating something together.

And once you get good at it, which will come with practice, it can give you a great sense of achievement and self esteem. You may even find you enjoy cooking for the family which will help out your parents or guardians from time to time.

One of the key things to understand at first is Food Safety (safe buying, safe storing, safe handling, safe cooking and safe food storage) and Kitchen Safety. This is something your parents/guardians can teach you but we also have lots of great games and resources to help you learn all about it as well. In addition our articles here are a good starting point: 'FOOD SAFETY' and 'KITCHEN SAFETY'

The first steps are to ask your parents or carers to spend some time showing you how to measure, weigh etc. then how to prepare various foods. The next step would be learn basic cooking techniques (boiling, grilling etc.) and to go through a number of recipes. After that, maybe you could get a recipe book for budding young chefs. The sky really is the limit.

Make sure you start with simple dishes first and don't be afraid to help choosing some beautiful (and different) ingredients for your next exciting recipe. Maybe one day you will have a book published!


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"Food Printable Worksheets" ages 4 - 13

"Food Printable Worksheets"

Nourish Interactive has got loads of printable worksheets to help you to learn about cooking (e.g. 'Five Food Groups', 'My Plate my plate healthy printables', 'Food Pyramid', 'Rainbow Foods', 'Dairy Group Fun', 'Fruit Group Fun', 'Grains Group Fun', 'Protein Group Fun', 'Vegetable Group Fun', 'Other Foods',....Read More


"BBQ Veal with Olives" Game ages 9 - 14

"BBQ Veal with Olives" Game

In this game you make a side salad (including juicy tomatoes), sauce and marinade. Then marinate the veal before grilling it on the BBQ! Add a great sauce....Read More


"Chicken Ramen" game ages 9 - 14

"Chicken Ramen" game

The first task is to find all of the ingredients (e.g. soy sauce, garlic and chicken breast). Then find the utensils, pots and pans by searching the worktop, cupboards and fridge. Cook the chicken, prepare the topping, cook the ramen noodles (e.g. by using chicken....Read More


"Picnic Meat Kebabs" Game ages 9 - 14

"Picnic Meat Kebabs" Game

The first task is to find the knife and initial ingredients (red bell peppers, onions and mushrooms). Then do the preparation by peeling and chopping the onions, garlic and peppers. Next, find the sauce ingredients and make a sauce. Then do the same with the....Read More


"Chilli Con Carne with Garlic Bread" Game ages 9 - 14

"Chilli Con Carne with Garlic Bread" Game

Your first task in this cooking game is to find the knife, ingredients and chopping board. Next, do the preparation (e.g. by peeling and chopping the onions, garlic and peppers etc.). After that, find the soy sauce, honey and bowl / measuring cup. Make a sauce and then do the same with the....Read More


"Spanish Paella" game ages 9 - 14

"Spanish Paella" game

In this virtual cooking came, cook the chicken and then add the rice afterwards to make fantastic Spanish paella! Follow the....Read More


"Pork Chops and Mash" Game ages 9 - 14

"Pork Chops and Mash" Game

Help Barbie to make one of Ken's favourite meals - pork chops and mash. The first task is to find the ingredients (e.g. corn starch, brown sugar, apple juice etc.). The look for the pans and jugs etc. by searching the cupboards, work surface and fridge. Make the....Read More


"Cooking With Kids Videos" Child Food Preparation Video Training Clips ages 10 - 16

"Cooking With Kids Videos" Child Food Preparation Video Training Clips

Careful, these videos involve using a sharp knife. Get a trusted adult to help as required. The video sections from UK Supermarket Tesco include Slice, Dice and Chop {'How to prepare butternut squash', 'How to blanch and peel a tomato', 'How to dice an onion' , 'How to crush garlic', 'How to slice cucumber', 'How to peel garlic', 'How to....Read More