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Safety Overview for Kids
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Growing up is great fun , you've got a whole world to discover! But the best way to explore it is in a safe manner so this section of the website advises you on how to keep yourself safe.

There are sections of this website for many safety related topics, including (but not limited to) :

  • Home Safety (including Kitchen Safety, Living Room Safety, Bedroom Safety, Bathroom Safety, Fire Safety, Scalds & Burns, Poisons)
  • Safety in the Garden
  • Road Safety / Crossing the Road
  • Safety On your bike/bicycle/cycle
  • Car Safety
  • Internet Safety (e-safety)
  • Bullying Safety
  • Electrical Safety
  • Safety in and around water
  • Safety with Dogs
  • Safety In hot weather conditions
  • Railway Safety
  • And others!

We realise that kids want to learn whilst having fun so this Safety section of the website is aimed at just that. Have fun and learn. Do the games, do the activities and learn at the same time. Yes, learning Safety can be fun!

So we have provided links to loads of cool games that teach you something about Safety whilst enjoying yourself!

Ready to go? Right then, let's begin!


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