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Kitchen Safety for Kids
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The Kitchen is where most serious accidents in the home occur. Follow our safety tips below to reduce the chances of an accident in your home. In the UK over 1 Million accidents to children per year result in visits to the Hospital Accident & Emergency Department.

Top Kitchen Safety Tips

  • Never touch anything hot in the cooking area likely the oven or hob. You could get a nasty burn!
  • Don't pull any cables or pan lids in case they have hot things in and scald you.
  • Never play with sharp knives. You may get a nasty cut
  • Don't ever play with matches or lighters : these could start a fire in the home and burn the whole house down
  • Don't ever try to cook without an adults permission and supervision
  • Never swallow medicines. They are not sweets and must only ever be given to you by adults.
  • Cleaning liquids will make you seriously ill and can burn. Never touch or swallow them.
  • Never poke your hand or any object in an electric socket. This could kill you
  • Never give any small objects or foods to your young brother or sister who could choke

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"Food Safety at Home, School and When Eating Out" coloring activity ages 5 - 8

"Food Safety at Home,   School and When Eating Out" coloring activity

In this activity, you can learn about food safety and can do coloring at the same time. Information is given regarding 'washing and drying hands', 'washing of fruit and vegetables', 'what goes in the refrigerator?',....Read More


"12 Kitchen Dangers" activity ages 7 - 13

"12 Kitchen Dangers" activity

You task is to spot the 12 dangers in the Kitchen. Just click on all of the objects in the picture that you think could cause an accident to you. This will test your overall Kitchen Safety knowledge including preventing burns....Read More


"Kitchen Hazards" activity ages 7 - 12

"Kitchen Hazards" activity

Improve Safety in this Kitchen by spotting the hazards in this activity scene. From chip pans to irons, this scene has a few serious dangers....Read More


"Escape Planning Game" activity ages 7 - 12

"Escape Planning Game" activity

This is a home safety game requiring knowledge in the identification of safety hazards. Finish the 3 levels so that you can view the fireworks (with safety info thrown in of course!). There are 3 areas of the house....Read More


"Electrical dangers in the Kitchen" activity ages 7 - 12

"Electrical dangers in the Kitchen" activity

The dangers associated with electricity in the home can be understood by playing this game which highlights electrical Safety in 5 parts of the house including the kitchen. Checkout the electrical appliances (fridge, kettle, toaster, microwave etc.) and see if you can spot the....Read More


"Kitchen Ninja" Food Safety game ages 8 - 16

"Kitchen Ninja" Food Safety game

This takes a minute or two to load but is a fully fledged and interactive game. It is seriously addictive! The game really gets the message across about food hygiene and food safety practices such as danger zone temperatures for meat, fish and poultry. The aim of this game is to teach you the key reasons for the following : "washing....Read More


"Disaster kitchen" activity ages 8 - 12

"Disaster kitchen" activity

In this activity, you need to checkout the 13 dangers in this kitchen and see if you're right! Can you get all thirteen? Hover the mouse over each hazard and click it. If you are correct, one of the thirteen spaces in the....Read More


"Kitchen Hazards Identification" activity ages 8 - 13

"Kitchen Hazards Identification" activity

See if you can spot the 13 hazards in this Kitchen. From boiling pans and deep fat fryers to towels needing tidying, can you spot them all? We would advise using a 'made up' silly name for adding to....Read More


"Disaster Kitchen 2" activity ages 8 - 12

"Disaster Kitchen 2" activity

In this activity, you need to find the thirteen hazards in this disaster kitchen. Select the item and you are told if you are right and what the danger was! The name of each item you find is added to the initially....Read More