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Living Room Safety for Kids
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Over 1 Million accidents happen to children occur each and every year in the United Kingdom requiring Hospital Accident & Emergency visits and the lounge / living room is the room where most injuries happen. So take care!

Key Living Room Safety Tips

  • Never touch the fire in the lounge (open fire or gas fire). You could get a nasty burn! And even radiators can be very hot to the touch too.
  • Never play with sharp knives. You may get a nasty cut
  • Don't ever play with matches or lighters : these could start a fire in the home and burn the whole house down
  • Don't try to climb on heavy furniture such as big TV Sets or bookcases, if they topple over they could fall on top of you and give you a serious injury
  • Never play on balconies if your lounge has one and is upstairs or try to climb on the railings : you could fall.
  • Never poke your hand or any object in an electric socket. This could kill you.
  • Never give any small toy objects young brother or sister who could choke.

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"Hazard House" activity ages 7 - 12

"Hazard House" activity

In this activity, see if you can find the 11 hazards in the living room. Some are obvious, some need some thinking about! Can you help the baby pig stay safe in the living area / lounge. Just click on the unsafe area and a popup tells you why that part of the living area is....Read More


"Lounge Dangers" activity ages 7 - 12

"Lounge Dangers" activity

In this activity, you need to find the hidden dangers in this lounge / living room. Safety in this lounge is not what it should be! The fireplace is the focal point but there are lots of other issues.....Read More


"Escape Planning" activity ages 7 - 12

"Escape Planning" activity

In this interactive safety game, you need to click on all the safety hazards and it tells you the reason for the hazard afterwards. If you complete all 3 levels you get to see the fireworks (with safety info thrown in of course!). There are 3 areas of the....Read More


"Electrical hazards in the Living Room" activity ages 7 - 12

"Electrical hazards in the Living Room" activity

Electrical dangers can be identified by playing this interactive safety game. Electrical Safety in 5 rooms in the house is put under scrutiny including the lounge /living area. Take a look at the electrical appliances (TV, DVD, lamp etc.) and see if you can spot any hidden dangers.....Read More