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Baby Room and Bedroom Safety for Kids
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The UK has over a million accidents per year needing hospital visits for children and a proportion of these occur in the bedroom or baby room. So keep your eyes peeled for hazards!

Some key safety tips

  • Never put anything into an electric socket except a plug. You could get a nasty shock
  • Don't climb to look out of windows. You could fall out and really hurt yourself
  • If you have a very young brother or sister don't give them your toys, especially ones with small parts. They could choke!
  • If you see hot objects such as hairdryers or hair straighteners you must never touch them. Ask your parents to move them!
  • Never take medicines or use cosmetics or other household detergents
  • Don't put soft pillows or toys and no items with string or rope other items into your baby brother or sister's crib / cot which they could injure themselves on.

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"Bedroom Dangers" activity ages 7 - 12

"Bedroom Dangers" activity

The young girl is sound asleep in her bedroom in her nice comfy bed. But look closely - can you spot all of the dangers she might be exposed to? Can you see a danger near the window and around the rug under her bed.....Read More


"Electrical hazards in this Bedroom" safety activity ages 7 - 13

"Electrical hazards in this Bedroom" safety activity

See if you can spot the bedroom hazards. Electrical Safety in 5 parts of the house is highlighted including the bedroom. Have a look at the electrical appliances (TV, lamp, electric keyboard etc.) and see if you can identify all of the hidden dangers in this scene.....Read More


"Escape Planning" activity ages 7 - 12

"Escape Planning" activity

Find four safety hazards per room by clicking on the area of the hazard. The reasoning as to why this is a hazard is explained. Do a safety assessment on 3 areas of the....Read More