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Bathroom Safety for Kids
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A huge amount of accidents to children are reported to various hospitals year on year in the United Kingdom (more than a 1 Million per year). The Bathroom is a definite danger zone so please read our safety tips.

Safety Tips for the Bathroom

  • If you have a very young brother or sister keep the bathroom door closed at all times to prevent access and never leave them alone in there. For example they could drown in the toilet or bath.
  • Never get into a bath unless an adult has first tested the temperature and said it's ok. Many children can get nasty burns and scalds if it is too hot.
  • Never play with razors, scissors or other sharp objects in case you cut and injure yourself.
  • Don't touch medicines, cosmetics or household detergents (e.g. bleach etc.) and make sure you don't allow your young brother or sister to access them.

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"Bathroom Safety" printout worksheet ages 4 - 6

"Bathroom Safety" printout worksheet

This colouring page highlights the dangers of not testing the temperature of the bath water before getting in. The cute animals add some interest to the....Read More


"Bathroom Safety" activity ages 7 - 13

"Bathroom Safety" activity

Spot the 8 hazards in this bathroom. Checkout the tiles, bath, toilet, sink and cupboard areas and you should find plenty of safety dangers in this bathroom! The game even shows you the right ways to make the bathroom safe! You can also....Read More


"Bathroom Electrical hazards" activity ages 7 - 12

"Bathroom Electrical hazards" activity

In this bathroom safety scenario, your job is to check the electrical safety of 5 rooms in the house including the bathroom. Take a look at the faucets / taps and electrical appliance to see if you can spot the....Read More