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Garden Safety for Kids
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Garden injuries to children are a real worry for parents. Accidents can come from numerous sources such as plant poisonings, falls from trees and trampolines, cuts from sharp gardening equipment, dog bites, drowning in ponds etc.

The key action is to try to assess the risks in your particular garden and minimise the key risks.

Key Garden safety tips to help keep yourself safe

  • Be extremely careful near pools and ponds. If you have a very young brother or sister, keep them away from the water too. Children can drown in even small amounts (even a bucket of water).
  • Never eat or drink anything that is stored in the garage (even if it is stored in a drinks container by mistake). It is probably something for the garden or car. Always check with an adult first.
  • Never play with sharp tools or knives that are left in the garage, shed or around the garden. You could easily get a serious cut.
  • Don't climb anything unless there is a soft surface below. Climbing on anything with concrete below will give you a serious injury if you fall.
  • Don't go out of the garden without an adult's permission.
  • Don't eat berries or mushrooms or toadstools in the garden. These are probably poisonous and will make you extremely ill.

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"Garden Dangers" activity ages 6 - 11

"Garden Dangers" activity

Can you spot all of the hidden dangers in the garden and see if you can find the hidden squirrel. From rakes, ponds, bulbs, cutting machines, fires and broken fencing, this scene packs in....Read More


"Garden Safety" activity ages 7 - 11

"Garden Safety" activity

Checkout the safety of this garden and see if you can spot the 12 dangers in it. Garden Safety has never been as much fun. Broken down lawnmowers, glass and loose chemicals in the shed,....Read More


"Electrical dangers in the Garden" activity ages 7 - 11

"Electrical dangers in the Garden" activity

The hazards are shown in this game which highlights electrical safety in 5 parts of the home including the garden. Look carefully at the electrical appliances (e.g. lawnmower) and see if you can spot any other....Read More