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Internet Safety for Kids
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Internet Safety is about keeping your child safe from the extra hazards from access to the internet via laptops, tablets, smartphones etc.

Online dangers include:

  • Cyber-bullying
  • Viewing disturbing or inappropriate content
  • Chatting to strangers online and being tempted to meet them
  • Giving away private information
  • Making or sending indecent or illegal images or video
  • Getting a bad online reputation
  • Spending too much of your life online
  • Getting viruses on your computer or having it hacked

What You Can Do

  • Compromise with your parents about time spent online and what you get up to
  • Get your parents' permission before downloading software.
  • Do NOT give away personal information (full name, home address, age, phone number, your school) and don't post pictures of yourself
  • If you ever feel uncomfortable when on the internet, tell an adult e.g. if someone starts being mean or if you see bad content or someone tries to meet up
  • Never agree to meet up or even discuss meeting up with anyone. Sometimes older people pretend to be young children online so they can meet up with you. Or they admit to being older but pretend to be very friendly. This is VERY dangerous.
  • Don't be mean to anyone online
  • Don't use your parents' credit card
  • Don't try to spend too much time online. Moderation is the key

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"Star Rider" game ages 8 - 14

"Star Rider" game

This is a 'Surf the Internet' game! Surf around and hit the golden stars but avoid viruses, hackers and spam email. See how many levels you can complete. There are some Quiz questions too so....Read More


"Space Crackerz" notes ages 8 - 10

"Space Crackerz" notes

These Notes are related to MSN Spaces including information on 'Taking screenshots', 'Avoiding abuse on MSN Spaces', 'Controlling access to my MSN Space', 'Displaying of your MSN Space', 'Privacy on MSN Spaces', 'MSN Spaces code of conduct', 'Check who visits your Space' and 'Secure....Read More


"Spam Swatter" game ages 8 - 14

"Spam Swatter" game

In this cool game, you need to check out the emails as they fly in quickly. Decide if each one is spam or not. Scan the attachment for viruses. Proper email goes in the chute, spam goes in the....Read More


"Blujackerz" activity ages 8 - 14

"Blujackerz" activity

In this activity, you need to see how many bluetooth messages you can get in the time allowed. Decide whether to accept the message or ignore it if it has a virus.....Read More


"Duck Hunter" activity ages 8 - 12

"Duck Hunter" activity

In this activity, you need to shoot the unsafe ducks. This activity covers desktop publishing, internet browser, word processing,....Read More


"Winning Post" activity ages 8 - 10

"Winning Post" activity

Try this horse racing activity with a difference. You are asked various e-safety questions and for every question you answer correctly, your horse moves forward. Answer incorrectly and the computer horse....Read More


"Webonauts" game ages 9 - 14

"Webonauts" game

Become a Webonaut and help the Bambudes on the Planet Bambu fight the evil 'Great Static' and learn how to work on the internet properly. Follow the code 'Observe, respect, contribute', complete all the missions and get awarded a....Read More


"Safe or Unsafe Email" activity ages 9 - 14

"Safe or Unsafe Email" activity

This scenario gives 6 email examples of potentially harmful emails. Some are probably safe to open and some aren't - but can....Read More


"FBI Online E-safety Game" ages 9 - 14

"FBI Online E-safety Game"

This is an awesome online safety game by none other than the FBI! Click on all 6 characters to get transported to their island, play their games on the island and do the internet safety quiz at the end. For example, in 'Tropical island' you get to learn about 'Netiquette', 'Passwords', 'Cyberbullying' and 'Reporting and Privacy'. There....Read More


"UYN: The Internet Safety Game" ages 9 - 12

"UYN: The Internet Safety Game"

In this internet safety game you need to guide your character to the Tech Lab after collecting all of the objects en-route (which give you tips to staying safe online). The game includes a timer so see how quick you can do it! You have either the 'Easy' or the 'Hard' versions to choose from. In the 'Easy' version you must collect all 6....Read More


"Don't Open That File" activity ages 9 - 12

"Don't Open That File" activity

In this activity, you need to guide your character to the Tech Lab after collecting all of the objects en-route which give you tips to stay safe online. It includes a timer, so see how quick you can do it! This activity has an 'easy' and 'hard'....Read More


"Cyber Cafe" activity ages 9 - 14

"Cyber Cafe" activity

In this activity, you need to move around the café and see what Griff's customers are doing there. Choose a ringtone for Chloe and see her text messages coming in! Look at each text message and help Chloe decide what to do in each case. Sunil is checking his emails in the Cybercafe and you need to read one and help him to decide the best....Read More


"Shooting Gallery" activity ages 9 - 13

"Shooting Gallery" activity

In this activity, when you can answer the question at the bottom of the screen, shoot the correct sign with your gun! There are 9 questions asking about various internet resources (e.g. e-commerce site, gaming site, DIY website etc.) and you must choose whether the site has....Read More


"Safety Land" activity ages 10 - 14

"Safety Land" activity

In this activity, you need to help Captain Broadband rid the town of the nasty character who has been sending bad messages around the town on the internet. Answer the quiz questions....Read More


"Do people know who you are?" video ages 10 - 16

"Do people know who you are?" video

This is a short video animation showing you are not anonymous on the internet and your activity can be tracked so don't be mean to anyone! After the animation finishes, it explains that your activity is tracked easily by IP address and anything you post online is searchable. Real....Read More


"Internet Safety Hangman" activity ages 10 - 14

"Internet Safety Hangman" activity

This version of Hangman incorporates a 10 question hangman-type quiz which asks some of the key questions you need to know the answers to in order to play online safely. You get your score out of 10 at the end. Can you fill....Read More


"Wild Web Woods" game ages 10 - 15

"Wild Web Woods" game

In this game, the aim is to help 'E-City' by crossing the "Wild Web Woods" which is adventurous but dangerous at the same time. You will pass some cities on your journey and should collect the 4 types of coins (info, privacy, security and awareness), scrolls (to....Read More


"Dixi 2 : Dixi Unchained" activity ages 11 - 14

"Dixi 2 : Dixi Unchained" activity

In this BBC interactive drama, you need to check out the curse on Dixi, the social network! Weird happenings start online and then these move to real life for some of the characters. Can you solve....Read More


"The Case of the Cyber Criminal" activity ages 11 - 15

"The Case of the Cyber Criminal" activity

In this activity, you need to stop the spy stealing your online personal information! For each multiple choice question you get correct you can remove an essential tool from the spy's briefcase. This game is by 'OnGuard Online', the US Federal Government's website to help keep people safe and secure online. At the time of writing this....Read More