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Safety from Bullying
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It is estimated that half of all children have been bullied at some stage in their life (bullying is doing something intentionally to hurt or upset someone). Bullying can be physical (e.g. striking), verbal (e.g. calling names) or even emotional (by excluding someone socially). Bullying can be in person or online or on cell phones (a scourge known as cyber-bullying).

Golden rules If you are the victim of bullying

  • Don't retaliate or give any reaction or respond even if online
  • Walk away calmly and confidently
  • Go to a trusted adult and tell them what's going on and provide any evidence you can (especially if it is via text or online)
  • Don't bully others and if you see someone getting bullied , try to help them (don't side with bullies even if they are perceived as cool at other things)
  • Only use physical self defence as a last resort. If there is no way to get away then you may have no choice but to fight back. But only do this if you are cornered and physically threatened and you are sure the bully does not have a weapon.

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"Bullies" game ages 10 - 15

"Bullies" game

Try this futuristic game set in 2248 and see if you can defeat the two biggest bullies Krog and Snidra in a rocket race with a difference. Answer questions on the best ways to beat bullying and you get propelled further.....Read More


"Anti-Bullying Cartoon Videos and Game" ages 10 - 15

"Anti-Bullying Cartoon Videos and Game"

This is an excellent range of 12 kid's cartoon videos with bullying as the topic. Each video has a set of questions about the video. See if you get the right answer. This is an excellent way to learn how to beat bullying. Then play the....Read More


"No Signal Anti-Bullying" Quiz ages 10 - 15

"No Signal Anti-Bullying" Quiz

Answer all of the Quiz questions on the 'big gang theory', 'uncool fool', 'tech torment', 'lie detector' and 'face the music'. See how many questions you get right and how....Read More


"24 Hours of Bullying" Notes ages 10 - 15

"24 Hours of Bullying" Notes

In these Revision Notes, different types of bullying are highlighted with examples (e.g. social bullying, verbal bullying, physical bullying, racial bullying, sexual....Read More


"How to Block Unwanted Messages" Quiz ages 10 - 15

"How to Block Unwanted Messages" Quiz

In this Quiz you learn about various types of blocking you can use on your devices. 'Cell Blocking' - How to block unwanted texts or calls to your mobile (cell) phone. 'Website Blocking' - How to contact the ISP, the hosting company or the administrator of a website. 'Forum Blocking' - Click on report abuse or contact the forum....Read More


"S-Team Heroes Anti-Bullying" games ages 10 - 15

"S-Team Heroes Anti-Bullying" games

In these games, play Dakota, Michael, Tina or Kiara and be an S-Team Hero by standing up to bullying in this 5 episode....Read More