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Road Safety
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There are thousands of serious car accidents to children in every country and sadly many deaths. This is one of the most important skills to learn in life.

Always practice a safe way to cross the road

  • think first and concentrate fully (do not listen to music, talk or use your phone)
  • always find the safest place to cross, even if it means walking further
  • stop at the kerbside
  • look left, right & listen carefully
  • let all traffic pass
  • when it is safe to do so, walk quickly across the road(do not run)
  • Wear brighter clothing especially in winter

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"Be Bright, Be Seen" game ages 6 - 12

"Be Bright, Be Seen" game

The aim of this game is to make the kids brighter by clicking on them as many times as you can before they get to the road. The brighter you make their clothes, the more points you earn. If you leave a child with too....Read More


"Dino Road Safety" Game ages 7 - 11

"Dino Road Safety" Game

In this road safety game, help Dino run as far as he can whilst avoiding the tricky tyres, trash cans (risky rubbish bins) and bouncing balls. Every 50 metres you get to answer a quiz question....Read More


"Streetwise 1" road safety game by 3M ages 7 - 10

"Streetwise 1" road safety game by 3M

In this game, help Maggie walk to school safely and then back home again after school by crossing the road at strategic points. Ensure she looks all ways and listens as well as using safe places to cross....Read More


"Stop, Look and Listen" fruit machine game ages 7 - 12

"Stop, Look and Listen" fruit machine game

In this game, the aim is to try to get across the road by playing a fruit machine version of stop, look and listen. The rules of how to cross the road properly are....Read More


"Safer Place to Cross" game ages 7 - 12

"Safer Place to Cross" game

In this scenario, your goal is to guide the boy back home (his home is glowing on the right hand side!) across numerous roads using the safest place to cross each time. Study the road layout and make your decisions. Roads shown with cars....Read More


"Green Cross Code" activity by 3M ages 7 - 12

"Green Cross Code" activity by 3M

This activity tests if you know the correct way to cross the road (e.g. Green Cross Code). Rearrange the steps in the....Read More


"Safer Cyclist or Risky Rider" activity ages 7 - 11

"Safer Cyclist or Risky Rider" activity

In this activity, you need to read the tips to learn about riding your bike safely then try to spot the differences between the safe and the unsafe....Read More


"Using a Pelican Crossing" notes ages 7 - 11

"Using a Pelican Crossing" notes

In these Revision Notes, read the rules of using a pedestrian crossing then click on 'START' to see it in action. The steps (in the wrong order!) are - 'Arrive alive!', 'Stop!', 'Use your eyes and ears', 'Wait until it is safe to cross',....Read More


"Streetwise 2" Road Safety game by 3M ages 9 - 12

"Streetwise 2" Road Safety game by 3M

In this game, you need to help Maggie, Max and Molly walk to school safely and then back home again after school. This can be done by crossing the road correctly and avoiding crossing between parked cars. Make sure....Read More


"Car Accident Investigation" game ages 11 - 16

"Car Accident Investigation" game

In this sophisticated scenario, find out what were the causes of Josh getting run over by a car. Investigate the scene, find the clues and travel back in time to see what were the....Read More


"Car Incident Scene" fact-finding activity ages 14 - 16

"Car Incident Scene" fact-finding activity

This activity is another excellent 'fact finding' mission to find out the cause of an accident involving the death of a teenage girl in a car....Read More