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Car and Motor Vehicle Safety
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In 2008 in the United States, on average, four children under the age of 14 were killed and more than 500 injured in motor vehicle crashes.

Safety Tips

  • Always make sure you are in a suitable restraint
  • Children are best seated in the rear of vehicles if at all possible.
  • Ask your parents if they have made sure the airbag is set correctly for children
  • Don't hang out of car windows
  • Never open a door whilst the car is in motion
  • Don't let your parents leave you alone in the car, especially when it is very hot outside. It is not safe!

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"Car Safety Wordsearch" activity ages 7 - 11

"Car Safety Wordsearch" activity

Try this wordearch activity and pick out all of the words related to car safety (e.g. 'airbag', 'law', 'back', 'baggage', 'buckle', 'passenger', 'car', 'restraint', 'crash', 'safely', 'distract', 'seatbelt', 'driver', 'secure', 'front', 'straps',....Read More


"Car Safety Quiz" ages 8 - 12

"Car Safety Quiz"

Play this fun multiple choice quiz on what to do when in a car to stay safe. See how many you can answer correctly out of 10. Car seats, open windows, high temperatures and other car....Read More


"Which restraint?" activity ages 8 - 12

"Which restraint?" activity

In this activity, you need to place each child in the correct car restraint (e.g. car seat or booster seat). You are given the child's height and weight. Drag and drop....Read More


"Interactive Crash" activity ages 9 - 13

"Interactive Crash" activity

This activity shows you what happens to a rear child passenger during a crash at 20,30 and 40mph when not wearing a seatbelt and....Read More


"Car Incident Scene" game ages 14 - 16

"Car Incident Scene" game

This is a great 'fact finding' game! Work out what caused the accident which killed a teenage girl after a car journey with a new driver. There is also the chance to see the text alternative and....Read More