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Bicycle Safety
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A significant number of children are seriously injured and some killed whilst riding bikes so it is crucial to know what to do to ride them safely. 3 keys rule to remember are to wear a properly fitted cycle helmet, you must fully understand road traffic rules and then follow them.

Cycling Safety Tips

  • Make sure your bike is in great working order with well pumped up tyres, working well oiled chain, a loud bell, lights and good brakes with the seat and handlebars set at the correct height for you (you should be able to touch the floor with your feet when standing up over the cross bar).
  • Always make sure you wear a properly fitted Bicycle Helmet and wear brightly coloured or reflective clothes
  • If there are cycle lanes then use them!
  • Drive on the correct side of the road with the traffic e.g. UK is on the left, US and most of Europe on the right
  • Watch out for road hazards such as potholes in the road, glass etc.
  • Try not to ride at night (if you must do make sure you can easily be seen by wearing reflective clothing and strong bike lighting)
  • Always stop at junctions and take your time to look and listen.
  • Obey All Traffic Laws (e.g. don't jump red lights)
  • Look and listen , check it's safe and signal before you make any manoeuvre
  • Whilst riding a bike, don't listen to music or use a mobile phone

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"Fix 'n Ride Bicycle Matching" activity ages 6 - 12

"Fix 'n Ride Bicycle Matching" activity

In this activity, your aim is to match 3-in-a-row of like objects with a bike related theme. You can click on two objects to swap them round. The aim is to get 6 matches (of 3 in a row) to be ready to ride. The objects are 'bright gear', 'seat height', 'tyres/tires', 'helmet', 'brakes'....Read More


"Izzy's Cycling safety activities" ages 7 - 11

"Izzy's Cycling safety activities"

In these activities, see if you can help Izzy the dragon properly prepare for his bike ride. Can you help him dress correctly for riding a bike and then make sure his bike is ok to ride? Help Izzy to wear the right clothing and safety equipment before he goes out for a ride in the park. In 'safe to ride', help Izzy fix his bike so it is....Read More


"Crucial Crew Interactive Bike Safety Game" ages 8 - 13

"Crucial Crew Interactive Bike Safety Game"

In this amazingly detailed game scenario, first click the game link then click on the bike parked up against the wall. You get to play Tom who needs to pop out to get some bread for his dad on his bicycle. Answer multiple choice questions on how best to proceed and see the consequences if you get it wrong. It's worth getting it wrong....Read More


"Crucial Crew Bicycle Safety Game" ages 9 - 13

"Crucial Crew Bicycle Safety Game"

This game is a hugely detailed scenario. This time you get to control a bike and you must ride correctly at all times e.g. stop at junctions, look around for traffic and get to your destination safely. There are all the main turns to try : minor road to a major road and turning left, minor road to a major road and turning right, major....Read More