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Fire Safety for Kids
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In the US there are about 40,000 kids injured every year due to fire incidents and 350 deaths. Many people get injured from the smoke rather than the flames.

Fire Safety Tips

If you hear an alarm give it your immediate attention. Do NOT assume it is a false alarm. Shout FIRE to warn others in the house. Test doors with the back of your hand before opening to see if a fire on other side. If the door handle is hot then do not open it. Close the door and put a blanket at the bottom to reduce fumes coming underneath. Stay or crawl low to avoid toxic fumes if necessary. Grab a phone if there is one immediately available (otherwise forget it) and try and escape from another exit (e.g. a window) if possible. Dial the emergency services as soon as possible once out.

Do not play with matches or lighters

Keep away from open fires or gas fires, especially if you are wearing loose clothing. If your clothing does catch fire roll around to smother it.


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"Elmo's Fire Safety activities" from Sesame Street ages 3 - 5

"Elmo's Fire Safety activities" from Sesame Street

There are 4 different activities here. The "House Fire" scenario asks you to guide Elmo to the door while staying low when there is a fire in the house. The "Fire-Fighter's equipment" activity asks you to dress Elmo in fire-fighter's clothing and Elmo explains what each item is for (safety boots, safety helmet, smoke mask, compressed air....Read More


"Get Out Stay Out" video song ages 3 - 5

"Get Out Stay Out" video song

A catchy Video Song from Sesame Street. The song has a fire theme based on the three little pigs and the fire-fighting wolf! Watch the wolf put out the fires in....Read More


"Fire-fighter" game ages 5 - 10

"Fire-fighter" game

This is a fun zapping game based on you quickly shooting all of the hazardous hot items which appear at the house windows. Fire a jet of water to cool the hot items down but you will drop points if you fire at....Read More


"Hazard House" activity ages 6 - 9

"Hazard House" activity

In this activity, can you find the 11 fire hazards in this lounge. Help the baby pig stay safe in the living area by clicking on the unsafe area. You're then told why it is unsafe and it gets....Read More


"Fire Safety at Home" activity ages 6 - 10

"Fire Safety at Home" activity

There are 9 dangers to spot in the living room scene which show lots of potential dangers relating to a fire starting in the lounge at home. Click on each one and as you find them some detailed notes will appear at the....Read More


"Click and Color Fire Safety" activity ages 6 - 9

"Click and Color Fire Safety" activity

In this activity, you have four fire safety related scenes that can be colored in electronically and printed. These are 'Get low and get out', 'Stop, Drop & Roll', 'The Emergency Services' (US Based number....Read More


"Dress the Firefighter" activity ages 6 - 9

"Dress the Firefighter" activity

In this activity, you need to help the "Fire Fighter" get dressed when he hears the alarm start ringing. You have 30 seconds to make sure he is wearing his correct clothing (gloves, helmet, jacket, trousers and boots) and carrying the....Read More


"Fire Safe Kids Quiz" ages 6 - 11

"Fire Safe Kids Quiz"

In this Quiz, answer each of the 14 multiple choice questions on Fire Safety. You have 15 seconds to answer each one! For example, one question asks what you should do if your clothes catch on fire, another asks you what you should....Read More


"Fire Safety" activities ages 7 - 11

"Fire Safety" activities

First click the link then click on 'GAMES' to play lots of fire safety games courtesy of the UK Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service. In 'Traffic Noise' you have to identify some traffic noises by choosing one of the correct objects. In 'Green Cross Code', fill in the blanks in the correct order to follow for crossing the road. In 'The Fire....Read More


"Mikey Fire Safety Game" ages 7 - 14

"Mikey Fire Safety Game"

In this Fire Safety game, help Mikey make it out of his house and find his way to safety when his smoke alarm starts going off. Answer the multiple choice questions to guide Mikey to do the....Read More


"Fire Safety" Notes ages 7 - 13

"Fire Safety" Notes

In these Notes, there are two separate sets of notes (including illustrations) and guidance on these pages. 'Fire Risks' which includes hazards too, 'Clothes on Fire' which shows the....Read More


"Fire Sequence" activity ages 7 - 14

"Fire Sequence" activity

This is a 15 page PDF Printable of fire sequence worksheets showing the 7 key steps to take. It starts with defining your escape plan, installing and maintaining the smoke detectors and finally to stay low, get....Read More


"Interactive fire escape planning safety quiz" ages 8 - 14

"Interactive fire escape planning safety quiz"

In this quiz on fire safety by the London Fire Brigade, you have 5 multiple choice questions each with three possible answers (for example, 'What should you do if your smoke alarm starts to....Read More


"How Hot" activity ages 8 - 11

"How Hot" activity

In this activity, there are 9 temperature pictures and your goal is to look at the thermometer and read what temperature is hot enough to burn. Next, choose which pictures are hot enough to burn and which ones....Read More