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Burns & Scalds Safety for Kids
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Each year over 2,000 kids in the United Kingdom have to attend Hospital due to being scalded by bath water and 3,750 under-5s due to general burns and scalds.

Burns & Scalds Safety Tips for Kids

  • Always test the water before getting into the bath
  • Do not play with lighters or matches
  • Do not touch anything hot in the kitchen (hob, cooker, toaster, kettle etc.)
  • Don't jump around when hot drinks are nearby
  • When children are around, don't have hot drinks
  • Make sure you always have plenty of sun-cream on when it is hot
  • Do not play with fireworks. These should only be used by adults and in no circumstances throw them.

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"Lizzie's Accident" animation ages 4 - 8

"Lizzie's Accident" animation

Try this clever illustrated online audio book about Lizzie's accident. She bumps into a table and knocks a hot drink over herself.....Read More


"Hot or Not" activity ages 4 - 6

"Hot or Not" activity

In this activity, there are nine multiple choice Quiz questions which ask you which of the two items pictured are hot. Examples include barbeques, bath water, toasters, irons,....Read More


"Welephant matching pairs card" activity ages 5 - 7

"Welephant matching pairs card" activity

In this matching activity, the cards are objects that can burn you (e.g. kettle, toaster, frying pan, hot tap water, matches and coffee). There are 6 matching pairs to find but there is a timer in the bottom right of the....Read More


"Fire-fighter" game ages 5 - 10

"Fire-fighter" game

This is a fast shooting fire fighting game. Play a fire-fighter and squirt water at all the burn hazards that pop up randomly in the house windows. Lose points if you squirt at something harmless though! See how many you can get in 1 minute. For example, there are lit matches, hot....Read More


"Burns and Scalds Dangers Prevention" Activity ages 7 - 13

"Burns and Scalds Dangers Prevention" Activity

Checkout all of the rooms in the house (bathroom, kitchen, lounge, backyard) and spot all the burns and scalds dangers. Click on the danger and a popup screen tells you why it is dangerous and offers tips to prevent getting injured. There are also 'First Aid' tips too. When you have visited all the....Read More