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Poisoning Safety for Kids
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Annually, around 70,000 children in the United States are seen in Emergency Departments due to medicinal poisoning.

Safety from Poisoning Tips for Kids

  • Never eat plants, berries or mushrooms from the garden. The vast majority of these are poisonous.
  • Don't make or eat food where there are poisons (for example cleaning materials)
  • Make sure adults have stored all poisons in high places out of reach
  • Don't hold or go near snakes, spiders, scorpions, bees or wasps.
  • Don't drink liquids stored in garages
  • Never take medicines without an adult's permission

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"Spike's Poison Prevention Adventure" Video ages 4 - 6

"Spike's Poison Prevention Adventure" Video

This is a great 11 minute video for young pre-school children. Spike the hedgehog helps to tell a story with a musical teacher (Graham) to get the message....Read More


"Safeville" animations ages 6 - 11

"Safeville" animations

These great educational animations and activities focus on Safeville where Gus shows you round his area where you can learn all about poisons by playing activities and watching animations. There is a school, a police....Read More


"Toxie's Glue Trouble Maze" Activity ages 6 - 9

"Toxie's Glue Trouble Maze" Activity

In this activity, Toxie the Cat needs to get back to his bedroom to put away the glue he inadvertently left on his bedroom floor. Toxie must do it before his younger brother comes back and is affected by the toluene in it. See if you....Read More


"Find Toxie Family Picture" Activity ages 6 - 9

"Find Toxie Family Picture" Activity

In this activity, you have a picture of Toxie the cat at the top right hand corner. The aim is to see if you can match him in the family photo below which has 7 cats which look similar....Read More


"The Poison Patrol" video ages 7 - 13

"The Poison Patrol" video

This is a funny 20 minute video for school children with Inspector Nick Carson. He is a member of a fictional agency which educates kids about poison dangers. The inspector shows Jimmy how to....Read More


"Tox Mystery - Fill in the Blanks" Activity ages 7 - 13

"Tox Mystery - Fill in the Blanks" Activity

In this activity, you need to look at the pictures and fill in the missing words to make the sentence make sense. The first picture uses the words "pesticide", "carbon monoxide", "mothballs" and "mercury". The second scenario has batteries, paint chips and glue as potentially dangerous items. Further pictures are included too with....Read More


"Catch that Hazard" Activity ages 7 - 13

"Catch that Hazard" Activity

Inspector D. Tective needs your help! There are 6 Hazards which have gotten away and your job is to track them down! The Hazards are "Carbon Monoxide", "Mold", "Mercury", "Lead", "Chlorine" and "Radon". Use your sleuth....Read More


"Acid or Base" Activity ages 7 - 13

"Acid or Base" Activity

In this activity, you need to ask for help from your chemistry teacher to test certain acids and bases with litmus paper and jot down the pH. Acids and bases....Read More


"Tox Mystery Word Find" Activity ages 7 - 13

"Tox Mystery Word Find" Activity

Your job is to analyze the letter grid and see if you can spot the toxin words within the grid. Remember the words may go backwards, up, down, left, right or even diagonally. The words are 'Acetone', 'Antifreeze', 'Arsenic', 'Batteries', 'Chlorine', 'Dust', 'Fertilizer', Lead', 'Mercury',....Read More


"Toxie Poisons Mystery" Game ages 8 - 13

"Toxie Poisons Mystery" Game

In this superbly animated game, help Toxie the cat search all rooms in the mystery house for poisons. When you have found one, answer the multiple choice questions on that poison. Rooms include the garage, parents bedroom, kid's bedroom, bathroom,....Read More


"Poison Adventure" games ages 8 - 13

"Poison Adventure" games

In this resource, there are 3 levels. In level 1 you can play "Poison Pairs" (find the pairs of poisons) and "Out of Sight" (check round the house to find possible poisons). In Level 2, you have 2 games ("The Curse of Poison Island" and "Canyon Crossing"). In Level 3, you have 3....Read More


"Scrambled Toxin Words" Activity ages 8 - 13

"Scrambled Toxin Words" Activity

In this activity, colour in the pictures then look at the clues to unscramble the answers. You are given all of the letters of the answer but the letters are all scrambled/mixed up. Can you....Read More


"Tox Mystery Student Glossary" Notes ages 9 - 13

"Tox Mystery Student Glossary" Notes

This is an A-Z explanation of various poisons. There is some basic information on 'Arsenic', 'Batteries', 'Benzene', 'Carbon Dioxide', 'Carbon Monoxide', 'Chlorine', 'Chromium', 'Fertilizer', 'Lead', 'Mercury', 'Mold', 'Mothballs', 'Nitrogen Oxides', 'Ozone', 'Paint Thinner', 'Particulate Matter', 'Pesticides', 'Phthalates', 'Radon',....Read More


"Tox Mystery Quiz" Activity ages 9 - 13

"Tox Mystery Quiz" Activity

This resource has twenty nine multiple choice quiz questions on toxic substances which can be found in the home. For example one questions asks 'What is a chemical in a bottle behind the toilet bowl to clean drains helps to unclog sinks and drains' (chromium, nitrogen oxides or sodium hydroxide?).....Read More


"Toxin Matches" Activity ages 9 - 13

"Toxin Matches" Activity

Draw a line from the toxin words on the left to their corresponding pictures on the right. The toxins are 'Chlorine', 'Bleach', 'Motor Oil', 'Paint Thinner', 'Mothballs', 'Mold/Mould' and 'Carbon Monoxide'. Then look at the garage scene and match the names of the five toxins on the left ('Antifreeze', 'Used Motor Oil', 'Pesticides',....Read More