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Safety from Drowning
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In the United States drowning is main cause of death for children under the age of 4 and the second major cause for children under 14 years of age. So water is great fun but also dangerous so make sure you be extremely careful round water.

  • Make sure an adult supervises you in the water at all times.
  • Restrain and prevent very young children if they end up unsupervised near any water and take them to an adult.
  • Make sure you are trained in good water survival skills and can swim as well as you can.
  • Don't play on ice in the winter - it is just not worth it.
  • Wear a lifejacket when fishing or canoeing and never leave designated areas.

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"Water Safety" activity ages 5 - 7

"Water Safety" activity

This is a colouring in and print worksheet from "Wet 'n Wise" for younger children. This gets across a simple water safety message. There are 3 pictures to color in so choose a colored crayon which represents each of the pictures. Each picture gives a safety message and....Read More


"Pool Safety" activity ages 5 - 8

"Pool Safety" activity

In this activity, you need to colour in the pool scene and see if you can make it as colourful as you can! Click on the activity link then click on 'Pool....Read More


"Heavy Weather Handling" game ages 6 - 14

"Heavy Weather Handling" game

In this game, you need to rescue the stranded swimmer by carefully riding the waves in your power boat. You only have 3 boats on each level so make sure you don't use them all. The weather and the waves get....Read More


"3D Boat Builder" game ages 6 - 14

"3D Boat Builder" game

In this game you can choose a lifeboat (either the D-Class or the Shannon) then customise it by choosing colours for the wheelhouse, deck, hull, railings, window frames and by adding logos. Then you can either print it or use....Read More


"Scatty Rescue" game ages 6 - 14

"Scatty Rescue" game

Scatty the Seagull is great at rescuing people. Fly Scatty around, use your superior eyesight to spot the water dangers to people and drop them life rings! Every time you miss somebody you lose a life....Read More


"Coastal Safety" activity ages 6 - 13

"Coastal Safety" activity

This activity shows you how to stay safe on the coast by remembering the 'Sea Smart Code'. This is based in the UK (and with the UK emergency number) but the principles are applicable worldwide. Answer the six....Read More


"Rescue Response" game ages 7 - 14

"Rescue Response" game

In this game, you can play in single or multi-player mode. See how many levels you can complete. Various RNLI craft are shown and available on each level. Pick one and see if you can complete your mission to rescue people out of the water. The 9 different levels have....Read More


"Lifeguard Line-Up" activity ages 7 - 14

"Lifeguard Line-Up" activity

This is a matching game with a nautical theme. The aim of the game is to match rows of three identical items (e.g. flags, windsocks, seagulls etc.). You can gain extra points for a life ring.....Read More


"The Adventures of Splish and Splash" games ages 7 - 11

"The Adventures of Splish and Splash" games

In these Pool related games, Splish and Splash teach you some key points about "Safety at a Home Pool", "Safety at the Public Pool" and "Splash learns how to swim". You can answer interactive questions about....Read More


"Train a Lifeguard" game ages 7 - 14

"Train a Lifeguard" game

This game gives you your chance to train a lifeguard! There are 3 areas to train in - 'beach sprint', 'lifeboat lookout' and 'underwater swim'. In the 'Beach Sprint' you try to sprint 200 metres in the fastest time possible. Then in 'Lifeguard lookout' you see how many people you can rescue in one minute who are in water danger. Finally,....Read More


"Drowning prevention" interactive activity ages 7 - 13

"Drowning prevention" interactive activity

This is a fun interactive game with different storylines which get the message across about water safety and drowning prevention. In the activity, Jack and Jen want to go and play near water so you need to decide where they go and what they take with them. If they get into trouble, how should they be rescued? You can choose 'The Surf....Read More


"Swim and Survive Water Safety" printable activity booklet ages 7 - 12

"Swim and Survive Water Safety" printable activity booklet

This is a 16 page high quality booklet for kids that teaches you all about water safety. It includes "Wordlists", "safety....Read More


"Test your Water Safety" quiz ages 8 - 13

"Test your Water Safety" quiz

These are quizzes about water safety with 3 levels (appropriately "shallow", "middle" and "deep"). You have ten seconds to....Read More


"Safety at the Beach" notes ages 9 - 16

"Safety at the Beach" notes

In these Study Notes, you can learn the top 4 tips to stay safe at the beach around water. These cover signs and flags, strong currents, strong waves and avoiding getting cut....Read More


"Safety on a Boat" notes ages 9 - 16

"Safety on a Boat" notes

The statistics speak for themselves! RNLI rescue on average 2 young people per day from boats. So carefully read their top 5 tips to help keep you safe when you....Read More


"Boating Safety" activity ages 10 - 16

"Boating Safety" activity

Learn all about what is required to go boating in this activity. What safety equipment and other items should be taken on board before setting off? The first task is to choose a character from the 6 children and decide who to take with you. Next, scour the house and jetty for items to take along. Then once you are happy, launch the boat....Read More