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Electrical Safety for Kids
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Around 7 children per day visit United States hospital emergency rooms for injuries relating to electric shocks (or related burns injuries) after tampering with an electrical wall socket/outlet.

Key Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

  • You must treat electricity with respect!
  • Never put your fingers or other implements in to an electric socket
  • Don't use electrical appliances near water : electric and water are really dangerous together.
  • Don't play near overhead power lines (e.g. fly kites, climb trees)
  • Don't ever touch a bare wire. You can't see electricity and it could seriously injure you!
  • Always pull out plugs out of sockets by holding the plug. Do not pull the wires!
  • Also see the Science article 'ELECTRICITY'

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"Power Networks in the UK" notes ages 7 - 11

"Power Networks in the UK" notes

These Revision Notes have some great general information like 'What is electricity?', 'electricity from batteries and the mains', 'conductors and insulators', 'using electricity safely', 'why electricity can be dangerous', 'circuits' and 'where....Read More


"Spot the Electrical Hazard" activity ages 7 - 11

"Spot the Electrical Hazard" activity

In this activity, there are 22 electrical hazards which include the inside of a house, a railway line, a substation, a building site, an electricity pylon, a derelict....Read More


"Electrical Safety" game ages 8 - 13

"Electrical Safety" game

In this game you need to help find your brother by helping Bob fish safely, Oliver fly his kite safely, Johnny and Lee to play football safely and your brother to avoid....Read More


"Storm Safety" interactive activity ages 8 - 13

"Storm Safety" interactive activity

In this activity, you must checkout the indoor rooms and see if you can spot the four important things you need to do during an electrical storm. Find each item and click on 'Play it Safe'. Then find four more actions to take during an....Read More


"Electrical Safety" Videos ages 8 - 13

"Electrical Safety" Videos

Watch these 6 electrical safety videos on the following topics : 'Dangerous situations', 'Electrical emergencies', 'Electricity and water', 'Electricity substations', 'Outdoor....Read More


"Hidden Electrical Dangers" activity ages 8 - 13

"Hidden Electrical Dangers" activity

In this activity, you need to checkout all 3 neighbourhoods (Alex's, Tyler's and Sofia's) then click the dangers to get points and answer the multiple choice question....Read More


"Electrical dangers in the home" activity ages 8 - 13

"Electrical dangers in the home" activity

In this activity, you need to learn the basics of spotting electrical dangers by playing this game which highlights electrical safety in 5 areas of the home including the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and the garden. Checkout the electrical....Read More


"Electrical Home Safety" activity ages 8 - 13

"Electrical Home Safety" activity

In this activity, first look at the diagram with three children in a very dangerous room! Can you spot the ten electrical dangers and click on them? Each time you click on a correct danger, your score increases by one in the top right hand corner of the screen and you are given further....Read More


"Overloading Power Sockets" activity ages 8 - 13

"Overloading Power Sockets" activity

Read all of the information on overloading wall sockets and especially the advice to avoid this scenario. Then try the online socket calculator which allows you to drag and drop various electrical appliances onto an extension socket (e.g. laptop, microwave oven, lamp, iron, hairdryer, TV, toaster, kettle....Read More


"The Journey of Electricity" Quiz ages 9 - 13

"The Journey of Electricity" Quiz

In this Quiz, first look at the diagram of a typical British electrical distribution system all the way from the Power Station, through transformers in substations and then through to factories and homes. Voltage is defined as the force to drive the current through the cabling. You are asked to look at the diagram and copy....Read More


"Build Your own electrical circuits" activity ages 9 - 14

"Build Your own electrical circuits" activity

In this activity, you can make a series or parallel circuit. Then choose one of 3 circuit boards. You can add components (e.g. bulb, buzzer, switch, motor, wire or variable resistor) to the circuit and use a voltmeter or ammeter to investigate voltages and current flows. Play about with different....Read More


"Explore How Electricity gets in your home" activity ages 11 - 14

"Explore How Electricity gets in your home" activity

The aim of this activity is to build your own electrical distribution system! You can choose nuclear power stations, coal -fired power stations, hydro-electric power stations or wind turbines! Then choose the overhead metal pylons to transport the electricity to a step-up transforming substation. Then you can choose more pylons or....Read More


"The Power Quiz" ages 11 - 14

"The Power Quiz"

There are ten questions to answer in this Power Quiz. You can keep trying another ten questions as you will get different questions each time. There are questions about Generators, Michael Faraday, neutrons and electrons, electric shock, renewable....Read More


"Power Networks in the UK" notes ages 11 - 14

"Power Networks in the UK" notes

These Revision Notes have some great general information on Electrical Networks like 'using electricity safely', 'why electricity can be dangerous', 'circuits' and 'where electricity comes....Read More