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Dog Safety for Kids
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In the US there are nearly 150,000 reported injuries to children per year related to dog and the majority of injuries are from dogs they know.

Dog Safety Tips

  • Don't allow dogs in your baby brother or baby sister's room
  • Don't approach any dog, especially ones that look vicious. Keep your distance.
  • Avoid touching dogs that are eating, sleeping, have puppies or are not very well.
  • Don't tease dogs or do rough play. You could get bitten.
  • Keep your face away from the dog's mouth
  • Try and understand dog body language and signals
  • Never hit, punish or be mean to a dog

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"Paws to learn - Dog Care" activities ages 3 - 5

"Paws to learn - Dog Care" activities

This booklet is an educational experience for preschoolers. Some of the things this booklet teaches is basic dog care, how to approach a dog safely and how to interact with a dog. There are coloring and cut-out activities, letter tracing and counting activities and a certificate with checklist. The....Read More


"Dogs and kids" training video ages 4 - 9

"Dogs and kids" training video

This video by Madeline Gabriel shows how kids and dogs can both be trained to feel safe round each other. She introduces the concept of clicker training for the dogs and tag training for children so that children....Read More


"Doggy Alphabet" activities ages 4 - 6

"Doggy Alphabet" activities

This is an A-Z coloring-in, reading, word recognition and writing printable with a doggy theme. Activity suggestions are given for both letter recognition and forming the letters of each word to help development....Read More


"Take Car - Be Dog Aware" Notes ages 5 - 11

"Take Car - Be Dog Aware" Notes

In this activity, there are some 'Easy to Understand' pictures on how to behave around dogs. Follow the correct actions to take in certain situations when you meet a dog (shown with green ticks) and avoid the wrong....Read More


"Design & Technology - Design a Dog" activities ages 5 - 11

"Design & Technology - Design a Dog" activities

This is a huge printable PDF document to be used by Educators and parents with a 'give it a go' attitude to make moving dogs of various kinds. This covers making dog marionettes, pneumatically operated dogs, cam operated....Read More


"Dog Trust Story Extension" activities ages 5 - 11

"Dog Trust Story Extension" activities

This is an extension story called 'Times Do Change'. The story is about a dog called Digger and the Dog's Trust Re-homing Centre. The themes covered are caring for others, responsibility, difference and change. After you have read the story, see if you can answer....Read More


"Scoop the Poop" game ages 6 - 12

"Scoop the Poop" game

The aim is to win the best award you can (Gold, Silver or Bronze) for scooping the most 'poop' in one minute. There are 50 points awarded for each poop collected so move Jimmy the Dog around, fill up your poop bag, deposit it in the bins provided and carry on.....Read More


"Waggy Tails" game ages 6 - 12

"Waggy Tails" game

The aim is to win the best award you can (Gold, Silver or Bronze) for collecting everyday items for the dog (bed, toys, brush, collar, food and water, treats, ID tag and lead) and essential items (walk, flea treatment, vaccinations and training). Avoid the 'watch out' items (grapes, chocolates, fancy dress, sticks, hamburger, chips and....Read More


"The Dog Listener" video ages 6 - 11

"The Dog Listener" video

Become a dog listener with the American Kennel Club! Listen out for dog signals and read their body language. Watch this video which teaches a child what to look out for to be safe with dogs and then print out the accompanying 20 page kids activity booklet....Read More


"Citizenship" Video ages 7 - 11

"Citizenship" Video

This video is about Chew and Jimmy the Dogs. The responsibility of Dog ownership is explained. Some of the various jobs that need doing when looking after a dog are explained in presentation format by the dogs! You can....Read More


"Jimmy & Chew's Real Life Maths Problems" Video ages 7 - 11

"Jimmy & Chew's Real Life Maths Problems" Video

The two dogs use a 'Lord of The Rings' type magic trick to swap bodies and then discuss using maths to solve real life problems. You can use the....Read More


"Literacy - English" Doggy Video ages 7 - 11

"Literacy - English" Doggy Video

In this Video, the two dogs discuss socialisation and natural behaviour towards dogs. They go to the kids party and are tempted by the chocolate cake and jelly! You can use the....Read More


"Drama - Safety Around Dogs" Video ages 7 - 11

"Drama - Safety Around Dogs" Video

Jimmy and Chew show you about appropriate behaviour around dogs. The story is told about Danny who dreamt about owning a dog but Danny's parents told him about how to behave properly in....Read More


"English" Doggy Worksheets ages 11 - 14

"English" Doggy Worksheets

In these Worksheets, dogs and advertising are discussed and how various media advertisements are tailored to the audience to get the message across. You are asked to think about how the....Read More


"History - Dogs in War" Worksheets ages 11 - 14

"History - Dogs in War" Worksheets

This is a great 25 page booklet about the role of Dogs in both World Wars. The contents are as follows - World War I - 'Trench Warfare & Gas', 'Trench Warfare & Communications' and 'Propaganda'. World War II - 'Preparation for War', 'Air....Read More


"Citizenship (New)" Doggy Worksheets ages 11 - 14

"Citizenship (New)"  Doggy Worksheets

These worksheets include ideas on how to make a compelling presentation relating to dogs. You are given presenting tips, information on how to create a display and....Read More


"Business Studies" Doggy Worksheets ages 14 - 16

"Business Studies"  Doggy Worksheets

This worksheet includes lots of different ideas for development of goods or a service related to dogs and other business criteria such as organisational objectives, income sources, merchandising and branding,....Read More