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Sun and Heat Safety for Kids
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Heat Exhaustion and Heat Strokes in Children can be extremely dangerous. This is caused by a combination of extremely hot weather and other factors such as dehydration, wearing too many clothes, exercising too hard etc.

Sun and Heat Safety Tips for Kids

  • Put lots of sun-cream on!
  • Drink lots of water and other drinks to replace lost salts.
  • Wear a sun hat or cap
  • Make sure you slow down in the sun. Don't expect to exercise as hard!
  • If you are feeling ill in hot weather then tell an adult who can assess you and maybe call for further medical help if required. Immediately seek out shade or an air conditioned area and start to hydrate yourself. A sports drink such as still (non-fizzy) Gatorade which replaces electrolytes in a good start.
  • Make sure you wear sensible loose clothing in hot weather.
  • Don't ever stay in a car when it is really hot inside the car (instead go with your parents or guardians). It is not a good safety idea to do this anyway.
  • Take frequent breaks out of the sun and rehydrate and cool off in an air-conditioned area

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"52 Sun Safety Related Children's" activities ages 3 - 6

"52 Sun Safety Related Children's" activities

With these activities there is one activity for every week in the year! Every activity under the sun (pun intended!) - Colouring, Shadow Games, Experiments, Making a Sun Tent,....Read More


"Infants and Toddlers Sun Safety" activity worksheets ages 3 - 5

"Infants and Toddlers Sun Safety" activity worksheets

This is some great information here for parents and educators on how to look after infants and toddlers in the sun. Also described is how to involve them in making good sun-safe decisions using various activities ('Wearing Clothing', 'Hats Galore', 'Fun and Sun Glasses', 'Shade....Read More


"Sun Safety" activity sheets ages 5 - 8

"Sun Safety" activity sheets

In these activity sheets, you get to draw and color in the sun, circle the best hat, get out of the maze to the shade, circle the best clothes to cover up in the sun, pick out the children needing to wear sunglasses. You can also finish off....Read More


"Safe Fun in the Sun" posters ages 6 - 10

"Safe Fun in the Sun" posters

In this resource, there are some great posters to print and put up showing some key ideas of sun safety. Posters are 'Prevent Sunburn', 'Wear a Hat', 'Protect Your Eyes', 'Stay Cool',....Read More


"Stay Safe in the Sun" Colouring Worksheet ages 6 - 8

"Stay Safe in the Sun" Colouring Worksheet

In this activity worksheet, your task is to test out your drawing skills by drawing a sun safe kid protected from harmful UV Rays. There are 8 sun-related items (e.g. 'Sunscreen' and 'Long sleeve shirt')....Read More


"Sun Safety" activity sheet ages 8 - 10

"Sun Safety" activity sheet

This worksheet is by the Sun Safety Alliance and shows ways to stay safe in hot weather. It includes "Sun Time clock activities", "Sun-Safe Beach Fun Maze", "Beach Bag Word Search", "Drink Water Maze",....Read More


"Stay Safe in Hot Weather" activity sheet ages 11 - 14

"Stay Safe in Hot Weather" activity sheet

This activity sheet is aimed at middle-schoolers from the 'Sun Safety Alliance' with tips on how to stay safe in hot weather. It includes "Sun Safe Soduko", "Sun Safe Cryptogram", "Heat is On Maze", "Sun Safe Wordsearch", "Ultra Violet....Read More


"Sun Safety Poster" activity sheet ages 11 - 14

"Sun Safety Poster" activity sheet

In this activity worksheet, there are some ideas about making your own Sun Safety Poster and potential guidelines for making one! Look at the Sun Safe practices and see if you can incorporate....Read More