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First Aid For Kids
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There are 3 main aims of First Aid:

  • To Preserve Life
  • To Stop and more harm occurring
  • To aid recovery

Even children from round about the ages of 10 onwards can learn basic First Aid skills that can really help in an emergency. Schools in some countries have it on their National Curriculum but sadly some don't.

If it is not on your school curriculum you can always ask your school or guardians if you can be trained assuming if you are old enough. Always make sure you go with a trusted Guardian and the course is run by a major, reputable company.

Some things you might learn (course dependent) are:

  • How to call the emergency services
  • What the recovery position is
  • How to do an rapid initial survey of the situation
  • How to perform rescue breaths
  • CPR
  • How to handle choking
  • Care for fractures
  • Checking an minimising bleeding

Training is fun and many children have been given a confidence boost by knowing they have the skills to help people!

There is no way a small article like this can provide detailed advice on First Aid Skills but there are so many great resources available online and through real First Aid training organisations that we know you won't be stuck.


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"Triple Zero" activity ages 6 - 8

"Triple Zero" activity

Play this series of Australian Gamnes which teach you all about how to get help. The phone number is obviously country specfic but teh principles are not! Learn how to get help not only for ambulance scenarios....Read More


"Rescue Run" first aid game ages 8 - 16

"Rescue Run" first aid game

In this First Aid game, your task is to practice your skills by getting to the cinema on time whilst helping out casualties on the way. The levels are 'Accident Avenue (EASY)', 'Calamity Close (MEDIUM)', 'Risky Road (MEDIUM)',....Read More


"Multiple First Aid" activities ages 8 - 11

"Multiple First Aid" activities

Here are some great activities to be played with friends and a knowledgeable adult. Click on teh links in the top left of teh screen including 'A progressive story', 'Calling all Germs', 'First Aid Bingo', 'First Aid Kit', 'Flashcards', 'First Aid Word....Read More


"First Aid" Activities and Games suggestions ages 10 - 14

"First Aid" Activities and Games suggestions

These activities and games are typically used in the Scouts with groups of people monitored by the Scout Leaders. The games are 'Wounded Prisoners', 'The Red Cross Hero', 'The Ill Fated Camp', 'Injuries', 'Ambulance Knights', 'Ambulance Rounders', 'Ambulance, French and English',....Read More


"Ambulance Interactive Tour" Activity ages 10 - 16

"Ambulance Interactive Tour" Activity

In this activity, you can have a virtual tour round various ambulances. You can checkout further details on some of the items such as 'wheelchair', 'Clinical Waste Box', 'Lift', 'Stretcher', 'Stethoscope', 'Suction Device', 'Response Bag', 'Infant Seat',....Read More


"First Aid" activities ages 11 - 16

"First Aid" activities

In this activity, you have 4 minutes to get out of the maze by answering some quiz questions against the clock. Be warned, it is tough. Help the man in the car accident. This is for first aid learning only, be aware, from a safety perspective, in real life you need to make....Read More


"Learn CPR" quiz ages 11 - 16

"Learn CPR" quiz

In this Quiz, see if you can get the answers to all ten questions correct! Questions range from the ratio of chest compressions to ventilation, the best way to open the airway, how to check for responsiveness and,....Read More


"Emergency DR ABC" Notes ages 11 - 16

"Emergency DR ABC" Notes

In these Notes, the key steps to take if someone has collapsed are highlighted. Always check for 'D' first (Danger) and don't put yourself in danger. The....Read More


"The Recovery Position" Notes ages 11 - 16

"The Recovery Position" Notes

In these Revision Notes, you learn how to put somebody into a recovery position in 4 easy steps with diagrams (starting from the....Read More


"How to deal with Shock" Notes ages 11 - 16

"How to deal with Shock" Notes

These notes deal with the signs and symptoms of shock and how to treat it. It differentiates between severe medical shock compared to when somebody gets a nasty surprise. The....Read More


"How to treat Sunburn" Notes ages 11 - 16

"How to treat Sunburn" Notes

These Notes highlight the key actions to take if somebody is suffering from sunburn. This involves moving them out into shade, giving fluids and treating the symptoms if mild or the advice to seek....Read More


"Burns and Scalds" Notes ages 11 - 16

"Burns and Scalds" Notes

These Notes give the three important, key actions to take in the event of a burn. The page includes diagrams too which helps to get the point across. The....Read More


"Severe Bleeding" Notes ages 11 - 16

"Severe Bleeding" Notes

Follow the main steps in these Notes in the event of a casualty having severe blood loss. Pictures are included to help communicate the advice clearly. The....Read More


"Choking" Notes ages 11 - 16

"Choking" Notes

These Notes advise you what to do if somebody is choking and pictures are included to further demonstrate the points made. The advice includes slapping between the shoulder blades and abdominal thrusts.....Read More


"Adult Resuscitation" Notes ages 11 - 16

"Adult Resuscitation" Notes

Follow these Notes to learn about the DR ABC rule but this assumes you have already ascertained the casualty is not breathing. The....Read More


"Pocket First-Aid Guide" Notes ages 11 - 16

"Pocket First-Aid Guide" Notes

These Revision Notes serve as a great guide (with diagrams included) for choking, severe bleeding, burns and scalds, recovery position and adult....Read More


"Paramedic Science" video ages 14 - 18

"Paramedic Science" video

In this video, you are taken through a video taken describing a student who graduated with a Paramedic Science degree from a UK University (Coventry) and is doing further studies there. She is now working as a paramedic in an ambulance service.....Read More