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Suicide Prevention
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Different research in various countries show that a large percentage of young children have had suicidal thoughts at some stage of their childhood. Sadly, some children do commit suicide.

There are many different reasons for these suicidal thoughts. Children have given a wide range of reasons including depression, neglect, self -image, bullying, abuse, loneliness, being in excessive mental or physical pain etc. Drug taking is a major factor where two thirds of child suicides have involved substance abuse.

Whatever the reason for these thoughts, it is VITAL to get help as soon as possible.

Safety Tips If You feel Depressed

  • Find someone you can trust who you can talk to. This would ideally be a trusted adult or older friend. Failing that there are many skilled counsellors whose main profession is dealing with this issue. Ask for their help.
  • It is important to talk it through and get things out in the open.
  • Do not take drugs or alcohol if you possibly can. This does NOT blank out the issue. On the contrary it is likely to make things a whole lot worse.
  • If you are being bullied, check out our 'SAFETY FROM BULLYING' article
  • When you are in an 'up' day, then either you or your trusted friend, should remove all known potential dangerous items away from the house. Guns are especially dangerous but also knives, ropes, razor blades, pills and drugs etc.
  • Eat healthily. Healthy, nutritious food makes you feel good. Avoid sugary snacks and fried fatty foods.
  • Try not to be alone. See if someone can help make sure you've always got someone around
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise is a great stress reliever. Either join a gym or do some exercises at home or go out for a long walk or bike ride.
  • Do stuff you like doing. Go to the cinema or play games on the computer and chill out. Always choose uplifting films or games and never sad, dark ones
  • Join a club and make new friends. Getting out and about rather than sitting around can make a difference.
  • Help others! Yes this may seem strange but knowing you are needed will help your feeling of self worth. Help out in community projects or volunteer to help out a charity.
  • The key message is to talk about it with someone you can trust and you know will be on your side and then seek proper help.

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